Monday, 31 December 2012

Another Page Turned.

It doesn't seem like twelve months ago since I was sitting typing my end of the year post and most of what I have to say I probably said there Turning The Page
The resolutions I made on that post I'm sorry to say I didn't keep. I didn't loose weight, I'm not any fitter but I think over the past year I have been healthier so it's not all bad.
I have watched my little granddaughter, (my son's daughter) become one year old and change slowly from baby to toddler. I watched her first tentative steps towards the independence that all toddlers crave. I have heard her first words and watched her first tantrum on disliking the word,"no."
One thing I have learned is having your first grandchild only makes you crave for more so I do hope my daughter reads this.

                                                                 How you've grown!
From last Christmas

To this Christmas

During the year we said goodbye to some of the great in entertainment, some from our childhood who have left wonderful memories. Even though I never knew any of them personally I shed a tear for quite a few.
Davy Jones,Whitney Houston, Robin Gibb, Andy Williams, Larry Hagman, Bob Holness, Etta James, Frank Carson, Donna Summer.
The lovely Maeve Binchley,we still have her wonderful books.
Jack Klugman, everyone loved Quincy M.E
Sir Patrick Moore, who gave us a curiosity of the universe.
Terry Nutkins, and his love for animals.
Bill Tarmey from Coronation Street and Larry Hagman from Dallas.
There are many more. We will miss them all but they will be remembered by the footprints they left behind.

 Many terrible atrocities took place around the world in 2012 too numerous to mention but as we look forward to a new year our hearts are with the families of the children and teachers of  Sandy Hook Elementary School there are no words I can write here that can express their loss. Lets all hope this is the last of it's kind.

In 2012 the United Kingdom came together like never before, first for the Queen's Diamond Jubilee and then for the Olympic and Paralympic games. We are not really into sport in my family but maybe because the games were held in London I became hooked on watching it especially gymnastics, tennis,swimming and diving. Team GB did our country proud winning 65 medals and finishing third in the medals table. The opening and closing ceremonies have to be the best television I have ever seen they were magnificent and I felt so proud to be British I even bought a purse with a Union Jack on it.

During April I took part in the A-Z challenge and blogged every day except for Sundays. My topic was the sixties and seventies. It was certainly a challenge and one I was not quite prepared for but I did have a lot of very nice visitors to my blog and found some new blogs to read. When things got a bit difficult with letters such as X & Z  and a few others Rosalind Adam helped me along encouraging me to keep going,Thanks Ros. Another one in April 2013?
In September we visited Turkey once again,staying in Dalyan, Kayakoy and Kalkan. I feel Turkey is like my second home and you can read my Turkey Diaries here

One thing that was a bit different for me in 2012 was I became quite lucky. I have never won anything before,oh apart from a Cliff Richard LP when I was sixteen.
Over the year I have won quite a few fiction books both for adults and children.
 I won a competition on Rose McClelland's Blog  which was a lovely box of soap and glory toiletries and her book for kindle it was a double prize for a friend too and that went to Uuganna
Next was Lunch in Covent Garden with author Claudia Carroll. Unfortunately train fare and a hotel weren't include so I had to turn it down but I received a consolation prize of a signed copy of her book.
My final prize was just last week £100 to spend on Chicco toys from their catalogue,wow! that was a good one.
I have entered a short story competion so I'll keep everything crossed for that one.
So here's to next year maybe I'll win the lottery.

We're now turning yet another of life's pages. Each year we want the story on our page to be that bit better than the one that went before. January is always the month we try the hardest. To be fitter (as health clubs will tell you) To be nicer and more tolerant (I last about a week at that) By the time January comes to an end we have forgotten all those resolutions and are back to what is normal for us (grumpy) Maybe 2013 will be different.
I hope that in twelve months time I will be typing this goodbye to the old year and telling you I am a slim size ten and I am so fit I have signed up for a marathon run. All joking aside I just hope I'm telling you I've had a healthy year and perhaps had that lottery win.
When the bells ring out to let the New Year in I'll raise a glass to all you lovely people who read my blog and tweet with me all year round, you have all made life that bit brighter. We'll all celebrate at different times around the world so here's to you all and
                                       "Lang may yer lum reek"

Let the celebrations begin!


  1. It was a pleasure working with you through the difficult end of the A to Z. I suspect we'll neither of us be slim again but healthy is not a bad thing to hope for. Happy new year.

  2. Happy New Year to you Anne. Hope it's everything you want it to be. Enjoyed reading your A -Z so much - thanks for that. It brought back so many memories. Talking of which, can you remember bath cubes? My heart would sink when I felt a present and it was bath cubes! I've been remembering so many things since reading your blog, some good, some not so good. Looking forward to next year's blogs : ))

  3. A very happy new year to you and yours, Anne. Hope your dreams come true in 2013!

  4. Thanks so much for reading them all Amanda.Yes I remember bath cubes I used to buy them as gifts for my mum and aunts.

  5. I loooove that purse! After reading your year in review I realize how much I left out of my year. I completely forgot about April A-Z! And the stuff I won. Happy New Year to you! :D I never make resolutions because they have a shelf life of about 2 weeks, so why set myself up for failure? lol

  6. Happy New Year, Anne - I expect 2013 with throw the same rubbish at us, and we'll duck and dive and get through it as best with can, with the help and support of those we love. Which doesn't sound such a terrible way to spend a year. Enjoy!

  7. It has been a momentous year for quite a lot of us, I agree!! I recall your 'First birthday of my blog' post!! An the lovely pictures you regularly share!! I'm looking forward to reading a lot more of your musings - and maybe some day, posting pics of my own grandchildren!!! It has benn a joy to get to know you, Ros and Val. You have all brightened my life. Pz continue to do so in 2013.

  8. Happy New Year Anne, I hope its a good one for you...

  9. Very late comment as was in Wales when I read it and internet rubbish there and couldn't comment! Great post. Here's to a great year for us all and to being new and skinny size 10s! *cough, yeah right, cough* he he!


  10. Thanks JoJo. Who ever keeps resolutions? Not me. Happy New Year to you and your family.

  11. Thanks Jo. Enjoy your travels! Lucky girl!

  12. Oh thanks Carol.You've had quite a year. I can't believe how many blog posts I've written and each time I sit at the computer I'm scared I'm not going to think of anything to write about.

  13. Right Kate,this time next year lets see who's lost any weight! lol It's easier said than done.

  14. Aha, I think I've found the right Anne blog now! Great post, Anne. All those souls who have gone, though! My goodness, I didn't know Maeve Binchy had died or Patrick Moore. Comes of living in the flatlands and only hearing local news, I guess. I hope you have a wonderful year in any event, and I shall add your blog to my list so I can keep up with you too!


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