Wednesday, 14 November 2012

The Adddictive Blogger

A few weeks ago lovely Jo from Gap Years The Book  passed the Addictive Blogger award on to me and I'm delighted to accept it. Do visit her blog and find out all about her later in life gap year and her next dangerous trip.
 On receiving this award I have to tell a bit about why I started blogging.
I  joined twitter first and decided to follow authors whose books I love to read and that led to me following lots of writers and reading their blogs. I remembered back to a time when I loved to write little stories and poetry and a light inside my head switched on. As my brain lit up the part which holds the writing genie came back to life and I decided to start writing again.
This was a few weeks before my first grandchild was due to be born and my first real post was about the excitement of waiting for this new life The Waiting Game 
After my granddaughter was born I thought my blog would be lovely for her to read as she gets older. When I'm much older than I am now and perhaps crabby and a bit senile I want her to read my blog and know that I wasn't always like that ( my worse case scenario).

After saying all that I also blog for me, because I love doing it. I have met some wonderful people from all over the world through blogging and can find nothing negative to say about it.
I also have a book review blog at Books With Wine And Chocolate  which I have neglected a bit since I've been on holiday.

You may have noticed I have been posting more and more photos on here,that's because I am now loving taking photos. I have decided to set up a photo blog to indulge my new hobby. I spent all yesterday morning trying out wordpress for the new blog but it is driving me crazy so later today I'm scrapping it and using Blogger again.
It is so difficult to find a name for a photography blog, every name I have thought of has been taken.
My daughter suggested one and I added a bit to it so watch this space for ...
.."The Shutterbug Ball"  coming soon to a blog near you.
It's live now!
The Shutterbug Ball

I have to pass this award on to five people so as Jo did I'm trying to think of blogs you may not have read and are so wonderful that you must.

Claudia blogs from Istanbul, she blogs about her life there and her recipes are amazing
A seasonal Cook In Turkey

Jen, my lovely friend from Virginia and blogs about all aspects of her life and family at We're Living A full Life
and also blogs at I Blog It As I See It.  with lots of photos of the wildlife around her.

Joanne from Massachusetts blogs at Tahoma Beadworks Her blog has everything,her crafts ,her wonderful photos and stories of her life.

Larissa from British Columbia. This very talented young writer blogs at Papa Is A Preacher

Lisa who blogs from her mountain home in America and I've forgotten just whereabouts, sorry Lisa.
 Grandma's Briefs  Although Lisa does write about her grandchildren she covers lots of diverse topics and I'm sure everyone will find something they enjoy at her blog.

I'm adding an extra one as I need one from the UK and it's..
Kate who lives in England (okay I can't remember just where) and blogs about life as a wife,
 dog lover, nurse and coping with a new way of life after being diagnosed with MS.
Kate's blog isThe Tales Of Me  Kate also likes changing her blog's appearance, often,but she is very good at explaining just how it's done, thanks Kate.
I hope you will visit these blogs if you've not read them before.


  1. Thank you so much for the award!! :D I look forward to checking out the other winners' blogs as well. And I can't wait to see your photo blog as well. I love to look at pics and travel vicariously through my friends! XOXO Thanks again!

  2. You're a dear friend Anne thank you so much for this award.
    Can't wait for the launch of your photo blog. Did you have plans to stay on Blogger or are you going to WordPress with it?

  3. The Shutterbug Ball! I love it! I shall wait with baited breath for its appearance.

  4. Wait no longer Ros,it's live now! And I'm knackered.

  5. Thanks Jen, I was going to Wordpress but it drove me mad so I went back to blogger at least I kinda know what I'm doing there.

  6. Thanks JoJo, Ive just put the link on here to my new blog it's at the bottom of the post.

  7. Lovely post Anne. Yay..hopefully this comes

  8. OOOh, I'm nominated for this, so good to read your blog and see how to do it properly!!

  9. Oh yes because I'm so good at it ,lol!! Looking forward to reading yours.

  10. Thank you so much Anne! :D How exciting! I'll get to it soon! :)

    Checking out all the other lovely ladies and that Shutterbug Ball as well! :) Thanks again!

    P.S. If you'd like to join, we're having a linkup and would love it if you came! :)
    TidBit Thursday.

  11. You're welcome,Hope you like my photo blog.

  12. Congratulations on the award and thanks for stopping by my blog. I have to get better at keeping up with everyone. I'm looking forward to the Shutterbug Ball, what a catchy name!

  13. Hey hello Anne! This is great! Thanks very much for the award! I had trouble commenting just now and had to change over to Chrome :)) and it worked. Funny, I've been thinking about changing over to wordpress or joomla (yes, that's what it's called apparently!) because blogger drives me mad sometimes. But I too have decided to stick with it. I'll respond soon to your award! :)

  14. Thanks Inger. My new blog is live now,link at top of page.

  15. Yes I know blogger wont let you comment on some browsers. I just set up a new photography blog and went to Wordpress but found it quite complicated and went back to blogger ,sometimes it's better the devil you know! Lol!

  16. I did! I accepted the award today. :)

  17. Hi there Anne, I'm visiting via Jen at We're Living a full life. She linked shutterbug but since I saw a real live bug on the banner, I clicked over to your writing blog ;-) I enjoyed your post today. That's interesting that you joined twitter before doing anything else. I am pretty much write a storytelling blog and in short I started my blog to start writing again - and it has been wonderful. It's nice to meet you!

  18. Hi Kenya,Thanks for coming to my blog and thanks to Jen for directing you. My other blog is not about bugs so you can have a look it's just a photo blog. I will pop over to yours.

  19. Hey Anne,

    I just realised that I didn't actually comment on this post. Thanks so much for passing the award on to me. I shall be doing my post soon but probably won't be for a a week or so. Great to read how it all started for you and I'm so glad to have met you through twitter.

    Thanks for your kind words.



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