Tuesday, 30 October 2012

When Your Daughter's Not A Child.

                               When your daughter's not a child but a woman fully grown
                               You will miss the little girl you once had in your home
                               Hair clips and ribbons, dolls and their prams
                               Bath time with bubbles and fresh jim-jams
                               My little pony, a day at the zoo.
                              Are things I can think of but only a few.
                               Packed lunches and schoolbags, ballet and tap.
                               Giggles and kisses while sat on my lap.
                               Hula hoops and skipping ropes, scooters and bikes.
                               Jumping out of cupboards to give me a fright.

                              Always falling over and skinning her knee.
                              Much too busy playing to come in for tea.
                              I loved bedtime stories, the most precious of times.
                              Teaching her songs and nursery rhymes.

                              High school and make-up, painting nails red,
                              bringing home boyfriends are what you will dread
                              O'grades and Saturday jobs, nights on the town
                              Coming home late and making you frown.

                              Leaving school hoping, to find a career.
                              Leaving home for the fashionable gap year.
                              Australia and Thailand,working on a farm.
                             "There's a military coup, mum but don't be alarmed"

                               Singapore slings in Raffles hotel.
                               This girl definitely knows how to live well.
                               Jumping from a plane,diving deep below
                               How I made it through that year only god will know.

                             Hugs at the airport, she's home safe and sound.
                             She's now off to Uni but she'll still be around.
                             Then a boy's on the scene, he's stolen her heart.
                             Soon once again her and I  must part.

                            When your daughter's not a child but a woman fully grown.
                            She will, one day make a life of her own,.
                            While she'll always be the baby you love and adore
                            She is now a happy woman, you cannot ask for more.
                            When your daughter's fully grown.

Love you honey x


  1. That's beautiful, Anne. It brought tears to my eyes, especially as my daughter is fully grown with a life of her own too. Silly really that it should upset us because we spent all those years teaching them to stand on their own feet and now they have we're sad.

  2. Ah thanks Ros.I know its not good poetry but it comes from the heart. I do miss those little children round my feet.

  3. Aw. Read this with lump in throat. Interesting that Ros and I both first to comment - we are in same situation - grown up daughters. Just thinking about DD's wedding makes me feel happy/sad! A new stage about to happen. And yes, I can still see her , age 8, running down the road after school to tell me all her adventures!

  4. Thanks Carol. I feel this time she has left home for good,I always used to say I had a revolving front door as she kept leaving and coming back,not this time though.

  5. Thanks Larissa .

  6. What a sweet poem! :D Your daughter is very lucky to have you as her mum!

  7. Thanks JoJo I'll be sure and tell her that!

  8. Aw, what a gorgeous daughter you have - and such a lovely poem.

  9. What a lovely poem, Anne! Your daughter is very lucky indeed to have you x

  10. Awe Donna that's kind of you to say that. I'll be sure to tell her.

  11. Thanks Talli I think she's pretty special too.

  12. You really have a talent for poetry Anne. And your love for your daughter shines thru in every verse! Very lovely.

  13. Beautiful poem Anne :) I agree with Donna, your daughter is lucky to have you as her mum x

  14. What a lovely poem, and true too. It's good to see your daughter emerge from the chrysalis of teenagerdom, to the person she was as a little girl... except grown up.

  15. Thanks Jen, that's kind of you.

  16. Thanks Kate, I told her what you and Donna said,lol!

  17. Thanks Jenny ,yes those teenage years are the hardest. Thanks for reading.


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