Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Turkey Diaries: Days Out.

Gemiler Beach 
During our week in Kayakoy we visited Gemiler Beach ten minutes away by car. As we drove into the makeshift car park there was a table with men sitting waiting to take payment for the car park. In Turkey if four men can do the job of one then so be it. The payment was per person and not per car which seemed strange but they make the rules up here as they go along and you have to go with the flow, you're in Turkey and you don't expect it to be any different
 On to the beach where  you pay to hire sun beds and umbrellas, it was small but that suited us, no big crowds.
It's lovely watching the clear blue sea and sky and the boats sailing by,everything so laid back, no one rushing.

St Nicholas Island
 From the beach you can see St Nicholas Island said to be the resting place of St Nicholas known better to most of us as Santa Claus or Father Christmas. He was born in the 3rd century in Patara twenty miles from here and next to Kalkan where or next stop is. His bones were eventually moved from the island to a safer place inland but the ruins of the church where he was originally buried are still there.

A bit closer

A much closer view and I think this must be the church ruins.

Turkish families were also enjoying a day at the beach. Most of the Muslin woman swim fully clothed, the men of course wear swimming trunks. I could feel the women's discomfort as their wet clothes dried on their bodies I could never see a man putting up with that. Some women seemed to have specially designed clothes for the water, still covering them completely and still having them dry while wearing them. Many European and British women were topless and not only young women. Such opposite views on what is decent to show. I'm in the middle I would never go topless and always have a sarong if I am walking about on the beach. It's not a good look showing your bits off at my age.
This was much higher up above the beach than it looks.
There were benches for picnicking up above the beach in woodland and even a few tents where people had camped out.There was a beach cafe where we had lunch and the food and prices were good.

 Another day and a complete contrast, Oludeniz.
Ouludeniz is a busy resort,there's always something going on. People paragliding and landing right on the promenade in front of you. There is a big, X marks the spot for you to avoid but I don't like so many people above my head. At the moment International Air Games is being held there where hundreds of paragliders are in the air at the same time...duck!..
Getting ready to land.
There's at least three in that small piece of sky.

Hope he misses the umbrella.

The sand is soft, the sea, the bluest of blue.The part of the beach with sunbeds is very crowded and the water when you are swimming is very sandy and not quite so clear.
I say I was swimming but when I was trying to get into the water the waves were so strong and with my feet sinking into the sand I was knocked off balance. My husband said my face was a picture and he has never seen me so scared before, I'm glad I made him laugh.
Further down there is the Blue Lagoon which unfortunately we didn't go to, it is a pay to enter beach as a nature reserve and I have since discovered one of the five top beaches in the world. As we are returning to Kayakoy next year the blue lagoon is top of my list for must sees.

Ouludeniz beach

A walk through the town which while being very pleasant was the mixture of usual souvenir shops with pashminas and bags. I did however find a large dinosaur cuddly toy which was just right for the two year old I child mind as he loves them. I never expected to find that here.

Usual souvenir shops

Ouludeniz is very popular and very busy

In the distance, Fethiye
Not far from Oludeniz is Fethiye a large working town and harbour. The council are doing lots of work at the harbour area with new fountains and seats and walkways it wasn't quite finished when we were there but next year it will be lovely.
We find the old parts of towns have so much more atmosphere and what we came to Turkey for so we headed straight there. It was so quiet compared to the newer part of the town.
It was nice and quite here.

this was a lovely spray of water I didn't quite capture.

You gotta buy a carpet or two!

A walk along the sea front.
No ,they didn't serve spinach.

 We walked along the front and spotted this boat where you can sit inside and have fish and chips or even a fish and chip butty. We stuffed our faces while watching fish and turtles in the water. It felt slightly wrong to be eating fish while watching his friends have the freedom of the sea,but it didn't put us off.
We missed a few things in Fethiye. There is a fish market where if you buy fresh fish and take it to a local restaurant they will cook it and serve it to you with all the accompaniments, another must for next year.
 We took shade in this lovely arbour and watched the comings and goings out at sea, resting before our walk back to the car and recovering from our fish and chips,we're so classy.

I must have been deep in thought when hubby took this photo.

Our week in Kayakoy was sadly coming to an end. Usually towards the end of our first week we are ready to move on and so glad we weren't staying for two weeks but this time with still lots more to see we are sad to leave.
 I will miss our unique villa with Hale's lovely abstract paintings and our little jacuzzi pool. I will miss the call to prayer waking me up at 5:30 am, I will miss the rooster crowing his  heart out and the little goats bleating at the bottom of the drive but most of all I will miss Kayakoy.
Kalkan here we come.......

I will leave you with my own little video taking with my iphone of the waves lapping on Gemiler Beach. It makes me homesick for Turkey, for the sea and for the sun.


  1. Thoroughly enjoyed your tour and trip photos! I have to travel vicariously through my friends!!! What sea are these beaches on? Any good shells or beach glass?

  2. Please can I come with you next year - this has been soo interesting to read- and the pictures were glorious!

  3. Hi JoJo I'm glad you are enjoying my Turkey posts. It is on the Mediterranean sea,No I didn't see any shells sadly but we've been to any beach called Cleapatra's beach and its said that Anthony brought the sand there from the Sahara Dessert, it looks like it's made up of the tiniest seashells ever,it's really quite strange.

  4. Of course you can Carol we even have a spare room. Booked for Kayakoy for next year for 17 days so more time to see all we couldn't fit in.

  5. Oh my goodness, how glorious! Look at that blue sky.

  6. Beautiful photos, Anne, and I loved the video. Hearing the gentle splash of the waves made me want to go on holiday immediately! I can just imagine your guilt at eating the fish butty whilst watching the fish swim by, that made me laugh out loud (I'd feel the same, though!). That's shocking they charged you per person for the parking. Chancers!

  7. Came here from Jo Carroll's blog, she's nominated you for a blog award. I can see why! lovely post about Turkey. I stayed near Oludeniz once and it was surprisingly relaxing.


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