Thursday, 4 October 2012

A Hopeless Case?

 I have decided to give you all a rest from my holiday photos and write about something else but only for this week as I've a lot more to tell you about Turkey. Who sighed there? 

I have to admit it's a pretty poor specimen. I've said before on this blog that I'm no good with plants of any kind, they all die at my hands, except this one and of course my garden rose
 I don't like it, I never have liked it, the only reason I have it is that it was my mums.
 She must have bought it at least twelve years ago, she called it her money plant and would touch it for good luck.
When she passed away over six years ago I couldn't throw it out, well it is a living thing and it was my mums. I didn't like it (did I say that already?) I didn't even like the pot it was in, but I already had to dispose of most things from my mum's house so the plant came home with me and was plonked on front of the kitchen window.
 It  grew and grew in a haphazard sort of way and I kept cutting in in a haphazard sort of way so  I could still see out of my window. I've never watered it very much, only now and then when I remembered. Lots of times I left for holidays without remembering to give it water and it's always fine when I return.
I googled money plant and according to the world wide web it's a Jade plant, Crassula Ovata, also known as the money or friendship plant. It doesn't need much water and if you don't give it water before the frost it should produce flowers. So why have I not had any flowers?
It can also be turned into a Bonsai tree by clipping off new growth, the trunk then becomes woody. This is what has happened to mine, its become gnarly.
And should look like this
Every time I think about chucking it in the bin I have a guilty conscience and think I can't possibly do that to a living plant and,
( it was my mums.)
Mine looks like this

Clearly something has gone wrong somewhere. It looked better when mum had it and had a lot more leaves. Maybe it knows it's unloved and unwanted and has decided not to bother how it looks, it's not being admired by anyone anyway. Perhaps in it's guise as a friendship plant it is not being treated as a friend should and like friendships when they are not given enough quality time  simply fade away.
The more I look at the photo of what it should look like the more I think its a hopeless case.
So if any of my green fingered readers can give me advice on what to do to make this plant look good and enjoy the rest of its days being beautiful and healthy instead of ugly and unloved the Jade and I would be very grateful and I know my mum would be too. Or should I send it to Alan Tichmarsh?


  1. I feel really sorry for the poor thing, but I have no advice to offer. As I always say, if you want to kill a plant, give it to me and I'll kill it good. :/ I hope you find a way to revive it. It looks kind of like a succulent so maybe that's why it doesn't need as much water?

  2. delores @ thefeatherednest4 October 2012 at 19:42

    I have a Norfolk Island Pine in much the same condition.

  3. Oh dear Anne what sorry looking plant, he he! I'm mean, apologies :) I'm rubbish with plants too ; s

  4. I'm terrible with plants I either water too much or not at all.

  5. Glad I'm not the only one then.

  6. If I remember correctly they hate being in a draft. Try moving it to another spot. It could do the trick. Or you could try repotting it. There might be something nasty living round it's roots. (Sounds painful doesn't it!) or it might just be pot bound and need more room.

  7. I knew I could rely on you Ros,in fact I should just have emailed you,lol!! Thanks I'll try taking it away from window and bringing it into living room even though I don't like it and Ill repot it.

  8. I have much in common with JoJo, I am terrible with plants, I can't even keep windowsill herbs alive! Write to Alan Tichmarsh is my advice :-)

  9. oh dear. Fraid I have black fingers - I can kill cress. Luckily, as you say, you have Ros! Worth trying to keep it going. ( one day, this might be you....)


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