Monday, 24 September 2012

Turkey Diaries : Dalyan.

Two years ago walking along Turtle Beach
Our first stop in Turkey was three days in Dalyan. Where we chilled out after our early morning flight. Dalyan in the region of Mugla sits on the Cayi River on the South West coast. In 1987 Dalyan came to the public's attention when there was talk of a hotel being built on Iztuzu beach which is a breeding ground for the loggerhead sea turtle. This caused an uproar and well known environmental campaigner and botanist David Bellemy became involved and was soon given the backing of Prince Phillip and the beach was protected and no building allowed. Tourists call it Turtle beach, no sun beds are permitted although you can lie on a towel and soak up the rays you have to leave the beach by 8 pm and not returned until 8am to give the turtles a chance to lay their eggs and the hatchlings walk to the sea.
Just before the lovely sandy beach,a herd of goats.
He's big!
Two turtles here.
These photos were taken from a riverside restaurant,when you hear someone shouting, "Turtle" Everyone rushes to take a photo,you have to be quick as their heads only bob up for a second,I hope you can make them out.
This is our third visit to Dalyan. I wrote about the archaeological site at Canous here
The other tourist attraction being the Lycian Tombs across the river. Lights shine on the tombs at night  and it makes romantic viewing from the riverside restaurants. What would the inhabitants have said if they had know how popular their final resting place would be?
Photo taken from a boat, hence the pole.
The larger the tomb the richer the person.

This time we stayed at Bc Spa which was right on the river and only a short walk into town. It was very quiet over the week end which was lovely for us.
A relaxing place to watch the boats on the river

The hotel restaurant where breakfast was served

We had the pool to ourselves for most of the day.

 Dalyan has not lost it's Turkish charm it has remained without loud music and foam parties so doesn't attract the younger,wilder holidaymakers.
There are so many items for the house I want to buy but how would I get them home?

Some shops have strange names, I have no idea if they sold guns.

Shop as late as you want

I love taking photos of old rickety bridges.
I wouldn't want to walk to this boat

Nor this one.

I saw so many lovely flowers that I took lots of photos of them.

A fisherman saw me taking photos and asked if I wanted to photograph the blue crabs he had caught. They wouldn't stay still for me, but I pretended to be a professional.They were being sold for a few lira each so not much profit.

It was looking at me.

The fisherman said he had never been bitten, their claws were huge and so sharp.
We enjoyed our few days in Dalyan and it remains one of our favourite places.
Next stop, a week in Kayakoy.


  1. Wow - lovely photos. The blue sky pulls me in every time. Such a rare sight!

    Those blue crabs are really, um, blue. I'm amazed that they sell for only a few lira each. Love the flowers!

  2. Thanks Shirley. I found a real love of taking photos but there's so many lovely things to take photos of.More lovely and pretty ones still to come.

  3. Beautiful pictures!! I love traveling vicariously through my friends. Love the turtles! And I would love to shop at those bazaars. One of my best friends lived in Ankara for several years and loves Turkey. He said that the vegetable stand owners are soooo proud of their veggies and love it when you take pics of them.

  4. I love beaches and shopping so I bet I'd love Turkey. And I agree with the other's your pictures are great!

    You are so fortunate to be able to visit and enjoy such a beautiful place and to be there with hubby while doing it.

  5. Thanks JoJo I have more photos of gorgeous small shops when I blog about Kalkan. I really wanted to ask hubby to stop the car to take photos od old women working the fields and carrying wood on their backs but he was being very patient with me taking photos I didn't want to go too far!

  6. Thanks Jen. I have photos of some lovely shops to post in a later blog. We went to a very popular beach where it was so hard to get into the sea because it was so rough I thought I was going to drown. I'm not that good in the sea.

  7. It looks breathtaking!

    Have you been to Petra?

  8. Oooh this looks amazing. Never been to Turkey. May give it a try.

  9. Yes it was lovely. No I have never been to Petra.

  10. As long as you steer clear of the wilder places. I have even nicer photos to come.

  11. This looks like a fabulous place but now I'm feeling old because I don't even know what a foam party is!

  12. Lol! It's like a disco but they spray you with foam. I've never been to one but could see one going on in a roof terrace years ago in Gumbet.

  13. The pool looks very inviting...I've not been to Turkey, however it seems to be a popular location these days. I can see the attraction from your pictures. Some lovely captures.

  14. Thanks Maria. There are some lovely places in Turkey and its still cheaper than most of Europe to eat out. More lovely places still to come, I will convert you to Turkey.

  15. Oh wow, gorgeous pics! Oh and beach babe or what ;) I seriously could do with going abroad and some sunshine. Haven't been abroad for a good 4 years. Our choice though, chose Devon instead.

  16. Thanks Kate. We worked out it was more expensive to travel down to Devon or Cornwall and stay in a hotel or rent a cottage than it is to go to Turkey so much as I would love to go to Devon the price is too high.


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