Saturday, 4 August 2012

We Need the Appliance of Science.

I was ironing. Yes I know, what a boring way to start a blog post but that's what I was doing. As I ironed shirt number six I thought of how many hours over the years I have spent washing clothes, hanging them up, and ironing them. Thousands of hours when I could be doing something I enjoy instead (writing, reading.)
My husband would say that I don't wash the clothes, the machine washes them but someone has to load and unload it, hang them on the washing line or clothes horse and take them back down again and iron them.
My ironing basket is extra large today in fact it is over flowing.
 I have been unwell for a few weeks and hubby told me to,
"Just leave the ironing,why would you do it when you're not feeling good?"
My answer usually is," If I don't do it who will?"
 The ironing fairy doesn't come to my house.  My mum was my ironing fairy when my children were young.She always did my ironing when she came to visit she thought it was one practical way she could help me and she was right.
Have you even bought non-iron shirts? They come from a well known British department store and are folded and wrapped in cellophane.What's the first thing you have to do when you take them out of the packet? Yes, iron the blooming things. They may be non-iron if you tumble dry them one at a time but who would want to waste money doing that? Maybe the odd bachelor. I mean odd in the sense of one or two of them, not odd as in strange.
I bought this ironing board cover because it was half price in the sale and I thought it was funny. The joke has worn off and all I see is the word, fool when I use it.

Yes,a new cover is called for.

My friends I have a solution, a solution to retain for ourselves all those hours we spend doing laundry.
 Disposable clothes!
Yes,you heard me. No more washing and ironing. No more having three different sizes of clothes in the wardrobe because of yo -yo dieting. We buy what we need, wear it and throw it away when it needs washed and take a new one from the packet. Here's how it works.
1) Material will be tough, non crease, anti- allergenic and biodegradable but not suitable for washing.
2) The new material will be made to resemble all different fabric textures. Like a shape shifter.
3) Men's shirts will come in packs of seven (one for every working day) containing various colours.
4) Men, women and children's t-shirts will also come in large packs.
5) Clothes will be cheap to make. Seams will be glued and not sewed.
6) Because they will no longer be a rubbish mountain of unused clothes the government will give us a cut in taxes as an incentive to wear disposable clothes.
7) They will not look ugly. They will be designed by top class designers.
8) The only items which will not be disposable will be coats and suits which will be dry cleaned.
9) Every household will be given a special recycle bin to place out worn clothes in. When a special liquid is poured in the clothes will melt. This bin will never need to be emptied.
10) We won't be bored wearing the same clothes year after year.

All the scientists have to do is invent the fabric. Surely this is not beyond the realms of possibility?
 Think of how many man women hours that would be saved each week.
Irons along with ironing boards will become obsolete and we will be set free.

I have discovered we are able to buy disposable underwear and socks advertised as for travel. I knew I had saw some, somewhere, but paper panties? No that's not what I want. To rustle as I move would not be a good look.
As for the socks? I can't make out from the photo what they are made from but surely it's not  paper?

         So it seems we are nearly there, but the scientists will have to avoid making the same mistake they did with disposable nappies or diapers. Mountains of them are taking up space on landfill sites. As I said, my new material would dissolve when a (harmless) chemical is poured on them.The only downside I can see to this is having to have another re-cycling bin but as it would never be full it only needs to be a small one.
I know someone will comment that they love to iron clothes. I respect that and  if they have any free time my next load will be out the machine soon and after I have hung it up to dry if they wouldn't mind ironing it for me I'd be delighted.
Do you have any suggestions to add to mine on how this could work? I'd be happy to hear them.
PS. Hubby wants me to add that while I was unwell he ironed his own shirts every morning. That's his story and he's sticking to it.


  1. LOL!!!! And we think we have it hard. I remember my mum hand washing, putting it all through a mangle, and then ironing EVERYTHING (incl. knicks).

    With you on the ironing front though. \Let them wear creases!!!

  2. thefeatherednest4 August 2012 at 19:18

    I haven't ironed anything in years but the hubs....he loves to iron.

  3. Oh Anne, I feel your pain - or the pain in your wrists !  I stretch, shake, pull and fold now and iron the barest minimum!  Summer is worse than winter with lots of short sleeve linen shirts, aghhh.  But if they say non-iron then they don't get ironed :) Hope you are feeling better btw xx

  4. Love your PS... as I was reading I wondered whether your hubby had done any. Mine irons in very extreme circumstances. But to be fair he cooks. 

  5.  What we really need is to stop judging people on whether they did their ironing or not. Who cares what someone's clothes are like?

    And if hubby can do it when you're ill, he can do it every week. They're his shirts!

  6. I love ironing EVERY TINY LITTLE THING that my little man owns including pants, towels, muslin cloths.. even his socks. If it's his I'll iron it. Anything else I avoid like the plague xx

  7. You mean to tell me that irons are used for something other than craft purposes?  lol  I don't think I've actually ironed clothing since the first month of my first semester of college in 1982.  lol  

  8.  You have the right idea JoJo!

  9.  Creased clothes don't look very nice .I could never leave the house in creased clothes.  Hubby works full time and I don't that's why he gets off with it.

  10.  Hi Annalisa,he only ironed what he had to. He has no patience for it.

  11.  Hi Sue. I think I'll be doing that too soon. Yes thanks,loads better.

  12.  Lucky you, a hubby who loves to iron not many of them about.

  13.  I remember those days well with the mangle.When I first got married we had a twin tub washing machine it took all day Sunday to do the washing.

  14. Anne, I never iron anything unless it really needs it! I hang most of our good clothes up so when they are drying so the dry without creases. Pete iron's his own shirts when he needs them! I'm sure a lot of women would love there to be packs of disposable shirts for their husbands! Lol! 

  15. I love your idea for disposable clothes! Mark my words, it will be the way of the future :D hope you're feeling better now too! I have to admit, I'm terrible for ironing, I only do it when completely necessary :D I do, however, enjoy doing washings. That's weird, isn't it? I love the smell of the fabric softener when I'm hanging the clothes up on the horse. Kudos to your hubby for taking over the ironing duties whilst you were unwell. You're his ironing fairy :') 

  16. Trish Nicholson6 August 2012 at 07:15

    Yes, another laundry and  ironing-hater here! I do the very minimum. But a tip on those non-iron shirts: I am told that if you once iron them, they cease to be 'non-iron', because of the heat or something. Could that be what you are doing wrong? :)

  17. What great ironing dreams. (Though I'm not sure about clothes melting to nothing - most of our second hand clothes end up in markets in third world countries, so we'd need to find a different way to help them.)

    When I was travelling, I lived out of a rucksack, washed clothes in the shower, didn't iron - and nothing happened! If anyone noticed, they were too polite to say. Now I'm home - I only iron something if I'm going somewhere special and it would look truly dreadful. I'm widowed, and my kids have left home - so I don't have the pressure of shirts or school uniform. Which means - I can't remember the last time I ironed anything!

  18. I only iron when there is no other choice and that means someone forgot to bring the very large sack of clothes to the dry cleaners. I hate to iron, when I was a kid my father used to pay me to iron. Now darn it I have to do it for free :( 
    I'm with you....disposable clothes sounds mighty good!

  19. I have a permanent ironing pile. When Mr A went to work I ironed his shirts on a Sunday but everything else I iron on a need-to-wear basis. I'm very fond of my clothes and so I'm not sure I could wear them once and then throw them away. I change clothes so many times that I'd have to do to the disposable clothes shop a couple of times a week. I wouldn't be able to keep up with it. I can see the attraction but I don't think it'd work for me. (you've got 3 sizes in your wardrobe too eh?!)

  20. Well I'm trying my best now to just fold things right away. I'd love packs of no iron disposable shirts.

  21. Yeah! At last someone has picked up on my disposable clothes idea I was beginning to think I wasn't getting my point across very well. Thanks. Yes aim fine now.

  22. Hi Trish. I never knew that about non- iron shirts but they are always creased when you take them out of packet ,maybe they should sell them on a hanger like woman's shirts and blouses.

  23. Disposable clothes sounds like a fab idea! Although I must admit, I do love ironing. 

  24. My mum used to pay me a £10 to do her ironing. I used to get through two-three bin liners stuffed with linen and cotton items of clothing. I earned that tenner! Suspect those memories of spending afternoons steaming those clothes into submission are the reason I've been drawn towards easy iron clothing ever since!

  25.  Hi Jo,I think we can get away with it when travelling. I just like to take things from a drwaer that don't need ironed.

  26.  Thanks Jen Im glad someone agrees with me with disposable clothes, its the way ahead.

  27.  Hi Ros. It works like this,if you like something you buy a pack of them so you always have that dress or top that you love but you never need to wash or iron them. Yes,of course I have three sizes in my wardrobe doesn't everyone?

  28.  I knew there had to be someone who would say that Talli,I just didn't think it would be! Wait until the baby comes and I'll ask you again. There's also a washing basket full here if you ever get bored.

  29.  Hi Pam,I think that was worth more than a tenner. I would gladly have paid my daughter that for all that ironing.

  30. Lol with zero waste week comIng up I couldn't endorse this idea haha. I think what we should do is make it fashionable to wear unironed clothes :)


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