Tuesday, 28 August 2012

No More Working for a Week or Two.

It's that time again, the countdown to my holidays. It is the one time I enjoy ironing, yes, you did hear me say that and if you read my post on ironing you will be finding it hard to believe. I love all the preparation for going on holiday, getting my clothes ironed, packing them in my case and buying new ones.

I read a newspaper article which said more people than ever this year have spent money buying items to take on holiday. This year we have invested in new suitcases, those extra light ones because the airline has lowered the weight we can have.
You can't go on holiday with old knickers in your new suitcase, it's a fact, so I had to buy new ones. I needed new bras to match my new knickers and new t shirts and vest tops. I didn't buy much more apart from usual lotions and potions to make me look beautiful in the sun.
My hubby has lost a bit of weight so he was the one who need trousers and shorts. I have managed to loose eight pounds and with a few days to go I'm hoping to shed a few more. I need room for all that lovely Turkish food I will be eating. As I already have three sizes in my wardrobe I didn't need new trousers or shorts.
There is so much to do before leaving on holiday. No longer do you have your flight tickets posted out to you but you have to remember to print them out and our printer has decided this is the time to have a hissy fit and refuse to print anything. We may have to buy a new one.
We are mainly independent travellers and book our flights and hotels or villa ourselves, we have been lucky it has always worked out well for us and we have had lovely accommodation.
Our flight is usually at 7am which means getting a taxi at about 4;30 am. Every year without fail my husband waits until we are in the taxi to ask me if I've packed something of his. My heart always skips a beat as I automatically think I've forgotten something really important,but being the organised person I am it is always in the case.
This will be the only year I haven't bought any books to take away as I have so many on my kindle I will never manage to read them all. What a great idea kindle has been, no longer do I have to choose what books I can squeeze into my suitcase I can take as many as I like.
I like to clean the house from top to bottom before I go. It is worth doing now that I'm not leaving my son or daughter in the house to mess it up. I once left my son to mind the dogs a long haired German Shepherd and a Boxer,when we came home I had to start washing floors before I even had my jacket off. He didn't see the point in cleaning them everyday as the dogs would just have got them dirty again. I suppose there's a certain truth in what he says. He also re-organised the furniture in the living room to accommodate his games console and sound system. I only have the German Shepherd now and he goes to stay with my daughter, her partner and their dog, he has a great holiday of his own.
So once I've
 1) Packed our cases,
 2) Cleaned the house,
 3) Beautified myself.
 4) Dropped off the dog at daughters.
 5) Wakened at 3am to get ready.
 6) Sat on a plane for four hours,
 7) Stood in a long queue to pay my visa to enter the country.
 8) Short taxi drive to hotel
     I will lie by the pool with my kindle and  R E L A X !  Hubby can unpack.
 You must know by now how much I love Sir Cliff and as I'm going on a summer holiday there's only one song I could leave you with.

    See you all real soon!


  1. How lovely! New knicks are essential for a holiday!!! Have a great time!!!

  2. Oh sounds fun! Hope you have a wonderful trip! (:

  3. Of course they are Carol! Lol!

  4. Thanks Larissa and thanks for reading.

  5. Have a great trip!! :D

  6. Thanks JoJo I will do!

  7. Enjoy every minute - you've earned it.

  8. Anne, have a lovely holiday. Sounds like you're going to Turkey. We went last year and fell in love with the land and the people.

  9. Thanks Jo and I'll be reading your book at the pool.

  10. Thanks Karen,yes going to Turkey we love it there.

  11. Have fun! Enjoy every minute...

  12. You've lost 8lbs! Hmmmm! We bought two wheelie cases that you can count as hand luggage before we went to Ireland. They're brilliant. I agree that you can't put old knickers into new cases. Men's understanding of these things is so limited! Have a fabulous time... did you say 8lbs?! *sigh*

  13. Thanks Maria.

  14. Ha ha! Yes I've lost 8 lbs! Scared to weigh myself this week in case I've put some back on I don't want to feel down. You don't have to loose any weight I've seen your latest photos.

  15. My goodness, you're organised! I'm lucky if the flat is still standing when I return. I'm so impressed you clean it all beforehand.

  16. Yes I now have a nice sparkly Caen house,the queen coukd even visit me now. I hate coming home to a mess left by packing,it would depress me.

  17. have a great holiday! look forward to reading all about your time there.

  18. Awww enjoy your holiday! You're so organised, Anne, I'm a complete panic merchant until that minute I walk into my hotel room :) have fun!


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