Thursday, 23 August 2012

My Ten Essentials.

I've been tagged by Donna from Lost and found to write about the ten things I couldn't live without. I  have chosen a few of the ones Donna chose we must think alike.

1) My family has to come top of the list, my hubby who I met when I was seventeen, my son and daughter and their partners and my beautiful one year old granddaughter. I love them all very much.

2) My sight and hearing. Each year or so the glasses get stronger and I value my sight so much, imagine if we didn't have access to opticians which is what happens in some third world countries, it doesn't bear thinking about. Hearing, I have tinnitus in one ear which makes it difficult to hear in a group of people if there's noise in the background,so when you speak to me,speak up! I couldn't be without either of them.

3) Books and kindle. As a self confessed bookaholic what would I do without books?

4) A washing machine. Hands up all those who want to go back to hand washing and putting it all through a mangle? No hands? I thought not. Couldn't live without one.

5) Sky plus. The best invention in the last few years,what did we do without it? Taping programmes without putting in discs, pausing live TV while I go to make a cup of tea or answer the phone is just amazing and I'm in awe of the inventor.

6) Twitter. Life would be that little bit duller without the lovely friends I have made on Twitter.No one would be reading this blog now if it weren't for Twitter. Anytime night or day there's always someone who will speak to you online. I wouldn't want to lose it.

7) My writing. I wouldn't have said that a year ago but now it is my main hobby and I couldn't not do it. I just wish I had started years ago.

8) Holidays! I love going on holiday, planning where to go and actually having some sun for two weeks. I wouldn't like to go without it.

9) Memories (Donna said this too) I watched my mother -in law slowly lose most of her memories to the point where she couldn't remember her late husband's name. She didn't remember if we had been to visit her or what she had done the day before. I want to hang on to all my memories, to take them out each day and re- visit my past, in fact one of my first posts was about this Little Boxes. 
I really don't want this to happen to me but you never know what the future has in store for you.

10) The medical team at the CF clinic in Glasgow, they really are the best. The specialist nurses are a phone call away and I can be seen by a doctor anytime I need to. They go that extra mile and I've known the CF nurses for 26yrs now so they are like old friends. I don't know where I'd be without them.

Those are my ten things I couldn't live without. Some are a bit tongue in cheek,yes it wouldn't be the end of the world if I didn't have a holiday or sky plus but I love having them.
I have to pass the tag along so I'm passing it to....
Rosalind Adam at Writing in the Rain
Catherine Noble
Jo Jo from Tahoma Beadworks & Photography
No pressure ladies but if you would like to take part I'd be delighted to read your answers.


  1. Thanks for the tag, Anne. I now wish I'd jotted down ten ideas before reading yours because I won't be sure which are totally mine and which you've planted in my mind!

    Your comment about washing machines reminded me of Mum's twin tub with the wringer and then it got me thinking about memories, which you also said, and we're back being nostalgic again!

    Glad to hear about the CF nurses. The NHS is at its best in its specialist units, isn't it.

  2. What a great meme and yes I will participate!!! The post will be up in a few days as I have a few already schedule to publish but keep your eyes peeled! Thanks for tagging me!!! I love your list too, esp. the memories part. I also surfed over to read your Little Boxes post as well. :)

  3. Hi Ros,I was the same when I read what had written

  4. Thanks for doing it JoJo. I know you ave some more photos from your spooky trip to post. Thanks for reading Little Boxes it always makes me cry.

  5. Love your list Anne, I'm not sure If i had to do one what mine would be, besides family and friends. But being that I live in a rural area and knowing we lose electricity a lot I think that was what came to my mind.

  6. I'm totally with you on the washing machines. And dryers, too! :-)
    Some Dark Romantic

  7. Thanks Jen,yes how awful to be without electricy,an essential.

  8. Yes Mina couldn't go back to hand easing everyday.

  9. I agree with most of it, but I'm not sociable enough to even think of a Twitter account. Blogging is enough for me.


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