Sunday, 26 August 2012

A Fun Day.

As we will be on holiday when my granddaughter celebrates her first birthday we took the chance today when we knew we were looking after her to have a little private party I though I would share some photos with you.

Some of the decorations
She liked her cake
A little taste first
Mmm, yummy!
Cake,"all done" What's on the otherside?
Mmm! The plate's quite tasty too.
We clowned around
Had fun with balloons
And laughed the day away.
I don't feel quite so bad about being on holiday on her birthday as we had a fun day and she's really too young to care. Happy birthday Abigail.


  1. A post full of joy!

  2. Happy birthday! :D And have fun on your trip!

  3. Grandchildren are simply the best!

  4. Thank you JoJo,I will.

  5. They sure are Jo.

  6. Ah, looks like the cutie had a great day. That was a lovely idea as you will be away. Anne your looking fabulous too :)

  7. Thanks Kate you're too kind. I was feeling bad about being away (we go on her birthday) but had to work it in for daughter to look after dog as don't like him going to kennels. She enjoyed her cake anyway lol.


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