Friday, 8 June 2012

Wired For Sound

Music is all around us, we can't escape it. The background music that plays while we're shopping may largely go unheard as we concentrate on buying a new dress or top but the minute something very familiar to us is played our ears prick up and we're singing along to it, we just can't help ourselves.
As a teenager, if I was unhappy or had my heart broken I would rush to my room and bring out my favourite records to cry to, lie on my bed and wallow in the unfairness of life. My favourite was Diana Ross's Greatest hits, the perfect album for mourning failed romances.
1.Last time I saw him
2.Touch Me In The Morning
3.Theme from Mahogany,Do You Know Where Your Going To ?
4.Good Morning Heartache
Those were the songs I played over and over.

Anyone who's read this blog or my tweets will know I love Cliff Ricard I had a few favourites of his to cry to
1.Miss You Nights
2. We don't talk Anymore.
3.The Next Time.

Some songs remind me of people in my life.
My husband : When Will I See You Again by The Three Degrees
My Daughter : Close To You by The Carpenters.
My son : Baby Mine from the Disney film Dumbo.
Any song by Doris Day reminds me of my mum.
Who hasn't put on their music, turned the volume up loud to make doing boring housework that bit easier? Music and singing release those "feel good" endorphins we're always hearing about. Which is why music therapy works so well for people with challenges such as brain injury, autism, dementia and life limiting illnesses. One of the first things we give to our babies is music,we sing to them, play soothing lullabies and buy a host of musical toys for them. Music affects our minds, our bodies and our feelings. It helps us socialise, promotes creativity and changes lives.

My happy songs are
1. Young At Heart by The Bluebells
2.Don't Stop Me Now by Queen.
3.Top Of The World by The Carpenters.
4.Crocodile Rock by Elton John
I could fill this page with songs  I like.

I watched the TV documentary of Gary Barlow searching the Commonwealth for music and singers for his song "Sing" for the Queen's Jubilee. Everywhere he went people were playing music.
 He visited a township in Africa, you could not find worse place to live, the people had nothing and they were surrounded by slums but had found an escape in the joy of music.
A group of young men and women had used rubbish to make musical instruments, plastic containers became drums, they even had pipes of varying sizes made into an instrument. One young man was blind and lived to play his music he also said that,"music doesn't have to have words to move you."
This really made me think of all the different kinds of music we hear. When I go to Turkey on holiday  I love hearing Turkish music even if  I don't understand a word of the song, it's the music that I enjoy.
 Classical orchestral music can soothe or stimulate without words. Opera, when It's sung in a language foreign to us can still be enjoyed.
 Gary also met an Aboriginal man in a village at the top of a mountain, he had the most beautiful voice a very quiet voice and as Gary said in the documentary he didn't understand a word of it but it moved him. Again it was the sound of the singing and not the words.
I'm sure everyone has heard the  Jubilee song by now but a few of the words relate to what I have been thinking.

                                               Sing it louder, sing it clearer
                                              Knowing everyone will hear you
                                              Make some noise,find your voice tonight
                                              Sing it stronger,sing together
                                              Make this moment last forever
                                              Old and Young, shouting love tonight
                                             Just sing ,just sing just sing just sing. 

There's nothing more uplifting than the sound of a large choir singing, it always gives me goosebumps. One of my happiest times as a child was singing in a church junior choir. We went to all the local churches social evenings and sang our wee hearts out. From gospel songs to The Carpenters, it was a wonderful feeling to be one voice with everyone.
I've said before that my voice is not very good but that never stops me singing along to every song I know the words to. Like the man said, "You gotta dance like nobody's watching and sing like there's nobody listening" do that and you'll day will suddenly be happier.
So to all the musicians,composers and singers who make this world a little bit brighter with their talents I say"Thank You For The Music" or at least Abba does.
 Do you have a happy or sad song you love? What sad songs did you wallow in as a teenager?


  1. I think I was a champion wallower as a teenager. I still get a perverse pleasure in making myself feel sad by listening to those old songs.  Minnie Ripperton's Loving You (is easy cause you're beautiful) came straight to my mind. The song that makes me think of Mr A is Lionel Richie's Hello. A feel-good song for me is It's Raining Men (Halleluyah!!) and I'm Still Standing.

    Yes, I saw that Gary Barlow programme. Isn't he amazing and weren't all those kids fantastic! One of these days I might join a choir. I've love to give it a go.

  2. All teenagers love to wallow. I love your song choices, Raining Men id a real feal good song you just have to sing along to. As for Mr A was is you he was looking for/ lol! Yes the kids were great and I don't think the documentary did Mr Barlow any harm either. If you can sing go give a choir a go ,I'm afraid they would throw me out.

  3. When I was a teenager in the 1950s, these artists were not yet around, so it was jazz for me. In my 20s, it was Otis Redding, Aretha Franklin, Ray Charles. After that, I added Willie Nelson, The Band, and The Eagles to my favorites.  I have always loved classical music and opera.

  4. Waaaaay too many songs to list that make me happy or that I wallowed in when I was a kid.  I was completely addicted to ELO for years, then classic rock, then punk and new wave, and for the past 24 years, the Grateful Dead has been my fave band.

  5. Ray Charles now there's a name from the past and Aretha Franklin's songs are lovely. The Eagles were one of mine too,Lying Eyes and Desperado are two I love.

  6. Hi Jo Jo, I like some of ELO , never really listened to Punk or New Wave and I must go on youtube and have a listen toThe Grateful Dead. Its amazing the different types of music that's out there,something for everyone.

  7. You're so right Anne, great post!  There so many great songs. In my last post I said that different songs represents different parts of my life.  Reading this it reminder me when I couldn't sleep as a child I use to listen to one of my dad's classical tapes to relax me.  We played Queen's, Don't stop me now as we walked back down the aisle after getting married, to get everyone into the party mood. I also forgot as a teenager I would play and play certain songs when they reminded me of someone I fancied or if a boy had upset me and I felt sad. Ha ha. Made me smile thinking of these memories, thanks Anne

  8. The Queen song must have put a smie on everyone's face. Genius! Usually the songs I played at 13 or 14 were because I fancied the singer!

  9. patientdreamer10 June 2012 at 12:28

    wow! I have so many different choices to name.  But I must admit looking at yours and if we had been in the same city, and country, we could have hung out I loved the Carpenters.  For quite some time now I love Celine Dion's songs,  and of course anything that Julie Andrews used to sing.

  10. Lol That would have been fun Diane. Yes Julie Andrews is a gorgeous singer.

  11. Natalie (Bridget's Daughter)11 June 2012 at 05:24

    Anne, thank you for your lovely comments on my blog, they made my day. I love alot of the same songs as you! Each one of my kids has "their own" song that I sang to them, and now my grand babies too. Thank you for helping me remember to HEAR the music again! PS I stole your picture to put on my Woman2Woman forum Facebook fan page.

  12. OMG, what an excellent post! You brought me back to my angst-ridden teen years, when I liked nothing better than escaping into my room, turning on my radio or record player and either have a good cry or forget about my problems all together. One of my favs when I was down? "Alone Again (naturally)" by 
    Gilbert O'Sullivan. Not anymore! More often than not, you will find me listening to some good, edgy hard rock. It's a great release!

    I completely agree with you, music is one of our best companions throughout our lives. Songs evoke emotions and strong memories. I'm with you, thanks to all the music makers and thanks to you too, Anne! :)

  13. Fantastic post, which echoes my thoughts exactly. I love music. I could fill a whole blog with my favourite songs, or songs that remind me of a specific time/event. The best thing that ever happened to me - music-wise - was a) marrying a musician and b) acquiring an iPod so that I have music wherever I go!

  14. Great post!  (It's FoxyMoron from the W2W forum here!)
    I have a really eclectic taste in music, from classical, to rock, to pop, to country, to New Age. 
    Have you heard of an Aussie band called Cold Chisel?  Great housework music!

  15. Hi Natalie ,you're welcome,I hoped they helped in some way. When you hear some music it makes memories come flooding back to you.

  16. Thanks for visiting and for your kind comments. I loved Gilbert's songs too.

  17. Thanks Annalisa. Marrying a musician was a great idea,lol!! You must have a great time hearing him play.The ipod was a great invention being able to listen to music without being told to turn it down.

  18. Hi Trish ,thanks for stopping by. No I've never heard of Cold Chisel I'll see if I can find them on you tube.

  19. Jackie Buxton3512 June 2012 at 16:26

    Yes! You're so right! Music is like smell, it takes you right back there in an instant, even if you can't immediately think of the name of the track or even the singer. I smiled at your Carpenters references. Any Carpenters song ALWAYS makes me think of my mum. The funny thing is, I can't actually remember her playing Carpenters records but she must have done because they have such a distinct link to her for me. Ditto John Denver. Abba makes me think of my older sister and Wet Wet Wet (yuk!) always makes me think of one of my younger sisters. As for me, it has to be Wham!, Fun Boy Three, Haircut One Hundred, Tears for Fears and most of all, the still wonderful Housemartins which bring back most memories for me. Sigh! Great post!

  20. Jackie Buxton3512 June 2012 at 23:49

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  21. Music is so important, personally I'm into film scores right now, and Hans Zimmer is the man as far as I'm concerned. 

    I especially love soundtracks from Dark Knight, The Lion King, Gladiator, Pearl Harbour, Inception, Rain Man, in fact there are too many to mention. They are all on You Tube if you care to listen...

    When I was younger I used to listen to music all the time, and have many similar favourites to yourself. I enjoy Cliff, Diana Ross, Queen, but also The Beatles, Al Greene, in fact I am into Mozart too! 

    I just love music.

    Good post ;-)


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