Monday, 18 June 2012

Bring Me Sunshine.

Here in the UK we are obsessed by it, we talk about it everyday and we use it as an icebreaker when meeting strangers. It makes us angry, it makes us happy. We arrange our life around it and nine times out of ten it lets us down. I am talking about the British weather. We always seem surprised that our summer is not really summer but a slightly warmer winter.
Forget all the hopes of a BBQ or Indian summer, we have been told it will be a," Brolly and sunblock summer" which roughly translated means, no one really knows so carry both in your handbag just in case.
Positive Weather Solutions have predicted
June -flash floods
July - South and east mixture of cloud and rain and sun. temperature average. Scotland-rain
August- The best month for sun with temperatures slightly about 30c.
Yes just in time for children in Scotland returning to school.

Moaning Talking about the weather takes up a lot of our time. Have a look on twitter in the morning and you will get weather reports from all over the country and from a host of other countries too.
It's probably the first thing we think of as we wake and open the curtains. If the sun is shinning and a bright sunny day is forecast it immediately puts us in a happy mood, we may even hum a tune as we set about making breakfast knowing that the children can play outside and the washing can dry on the line. The dog's walk will be so much more enjoyable in the sun.

Open the curtains and if it is cold, wet and windy, we know what lies ahead for us. Unhappy children, fighting over toys, wet washing that will have to be dried indoors and walking in the rain with a wet soggy dog.

During April when we were basking in sunshine I was waiting for a bus and listening to a conversation between two wee Glasgow women it went like this,

Woman 1, "Oh Ah canny be dain wi this heat"
Woman 2, "Aye Jean it's affie warm int it?"
Woman 1 " We're no used to it Mary"
Woman 2 "Ah canny wait fur this bus tae come so ah can get oot this heat and back hame fur a cup o'tea an then that's me in fur the day I'm no goin oot again in this heat"
Woman 1, "Aye me tae. I'm fair swelterin, I'm jist dyin tae get ma coat aff"
The bus came and off they went both with trousers, woollen jumpers and coats on, away to get their tea.

Maybe we look back at our youth through rose tinted glasses but I can remember school holidays in the sixties during July and half of August playing outside from morning until late at night. There was no children's television during the day, we had no computers or video games to pass our time with so outdoor play was a must. The tar on the pavement would melt and we would stick lollipop sticks into it, when was the last time you saw that happening? 
When my children were young during the eighties and early nineties we took our holidays in either Scotland or England usually in caravans and I don't remember the weather being so bad, yes we maybe had a few showers during our holiday but nothing more that that.

Search for heatwaves in the UK on the internet and you won't find many except for the summer of 1976 when we had about twenty four days of scorching heat and hosepipe bans across the country.
This year, well we had some good days in March and about a week in April. At home we started to get the garden ready to relax in during the real summer we thought was yet to come.We replaced fencing which had been blown down in the winter storms,we cut grass,weeded, bought a garden swing and paddling pool for my granddaughter, started to paint our new fence and then, it rained and rained and it hasn't stopped raining. We had to abort the fence painting, put away the paddling pool and when the rain finally stops, the weeds will be about two feet high.
British people have a good sense of humour especially about our weather. That's what makes it the topic of conversation and the icebreaker with strangers, the fact we know how to laugh about it. Don't get me wrong we love to complain, in fact if there were someone in charge of good weather, a government minister or such like I have no doubt he would be bombarded with e mails telling him," The joke's over, get the rain switched off and give us some sunshine." In all fairness he would have lost his job by now.
It can be frustrating having no one to complain to or plead with. American novelist Charles Dudley Warner (friend of Mark Twain) was quoted as saying "Everybody talks about the weather, but nobody does anything about it,"
"Well we would if we could but we can't "as my mum was quoted saying.

Today as I finish off this post the sun is shinning  and there's a warmth in the air, by tonight it could be snowing,who knows? We can sometimes have all four seasons in the one morning or afternoon.
What we can be grateful for is that our weather is not as extreme as in some parts of the world. We don't have tsunamis or earthquakes, and we never experience real drought.
My friend's husband works overseas as a relief worker, mainly in Pakistan. One day during the winter when he had just returned  I went to visit her. It had been raining for days and I remarked to him in my usual fashion how I was fed up with the rain. He said he had just came from an area in Pakistan where they hadn't had any rain for months and the situation was getting serious, the people who lived there were praying for rain. A few months later that region received so much rain that the very people who were praying for it lost their homes and some their lives.  As I said lets be thankful we don't have such extreme weather conditions.

I'd still like to see more of this

And then we would be smiling like this more often

Now to put a smile on your face, from the 60's Morecambe and Wise singing, Bring Me Sunshine. I guarantee you'll be singing it all day.

Let's talk weather.When was the best summer you can remember?


  1. I'm not a huge fan of summer, sun and warm weather and we get it bad on the east coast w/ humidity.  It was chilly today but will be in the 90s by week's end and the midwest is already cooking.  I preferred the foggy summers in San Francisco and cool, rainy ones of Washington State.  Best summer was 1975 when I was 10; that was a fun year and I was still too young to be bothered by the heat.

  2. This is hilarious Anne!  

  3. Thanks Judy,I'm glad you enjoyed it.

  4. Hi JoJo, Humidity must be hard to bear if you have it all the time. Maybe you should re- locate to Scotland or send some of that 90 deg weather over here we would love to experience it even for a week or so.

  5. Summer 1999 was a hottie. I was heavily pregnant (baby born early August) and I'd grown out of all my maternity clothes apart from a pair of denim dungarees. I sweltered.

    I remember every summer of the 1980s being hot too, because I was a child and seemed to spend an awful lot of time playing outside.

    I think our attitude to the weather is dependent on whether we're optimistic or pessimistic. I ALWAYS remember when the weather's been nice but some people can only remember the rain, and therefore they haven't had a single nice summer ever.

    I loved your two ladies at the bus stop. I can empathise, I'm never dressed appropriately.

  6. I read this first last night but didn't have time to comment then but I thought of your post today at work as  weather always seems to come up during  patients consultations.  It did today and it made me smile.  You make some great points. The pictures are lovely 

  7. I did have a giggle at this, loved the wee ladies convo are you in Glasgow or just passing through?  Scotland the place where you can have 4 seasons in one day!

    I am your newest follower too.


  8. Hi Lainy ,thanks for reading and following. Yes ,I do live in Glasgow and we cartainly can have four seasons in one day.

  9. Hi Kate,thanks. I have a physio appointment today at the health centre and a woman waiting started talking to me about the weather and how warm she was and moaning about the heat,it took me all my strength not to laugh thinking about what I had just written on my blog.

  10. Hi Annalisa,you just made me remember that I was pregnnat in the summer of 81 and it was a scorcher it was the same year Prince Charles married Diana.  It's very hard to dress appropriate for the weather here it's always changing.

  11. I had Morecombe and Wise singing Bring Me Sunshine in my head as soon as I read the title to this post. The conversation between two women made me laugh as it is so true. Great post :-)

  12. you're totally right! We English people like to complain whatever the weather. "It's too hot, I wish we had some snow!", "Gosh, I am so fed up of this snow! I wish we had some sunshine!". And you're also right that we don't really realise how lucky we are to have such mild conditions. Yes, we sometimes get hose-pipe bans, yes, when the snow is thick enough I can't get out of my village in the middle of no-where. The last flood I remember was in Lewes, the local town. Places got destroyed but I don't think anyone died! And have we ever had a hurricane or tornado? We are lucky, and we must remember that!
    M. x

  13. Hi Pam,I sometimes look to song titles for a title to my post and this one just seemed so right. I can't get it out my head now. Glad you enjoyed it.

  14. Hi M.x I always feel if we are moaning about the weather it means we don't have anything major in ours lives to moan about,which is good. If you have a blog and leave the address I'll visit you.

  15. I dislike having the windows closed at my house, you see I'm not a big fan of central air conditioning (very popular here in the U. S. ) during the warmer months.

    Today however I have to be honest, my house is closed up and the shades are drawn and the AC is on. The sun is beating down and it's almost 100 degrees  hot hot!   

    We are always grateful for the rain however because we live in a farm area and it's needed for the crops and my veggie garden. But like most people after four or five days I need to see the sun or I start to feel a bit blue.  I wish I felt like joking but I'm afraid I feel the opposite when deprived of the sun. 

  16. I love that conversation between the two well wrapped up women. Hilarious.

    Each time I think summer has finally arrived the weather changes. We had gorgeous sunshine earlier this week, then two days of gales. Where's the long summer that's way overdue. *grabs binoculars and goes to look for it*

  17. Many apologies for having just blogged about having a gloriously hot, sunny break in Dorset. Everyone here in Leicester thought we were kidding as it hadn't been particularly warm and I'm guessing the same can be said for up where you are... or can it? Is it just that we were on holiday and so grabbed each sunny moment as we were wandering along the seafront or sitting in the hotel gardens? 

    It's the same, I believe, for those summer hols when we were kids. Of course it rained but we'd have played down someone's covered side-entry or got our paper dolls out. And we didn't care if it was overcast. We didn't want a suntan. We were just enjoying each minute of our lives. *sigh* I want to be a kid again!

  18. The sun is shining... for now! If we could only get some heat to go with that. Sigh!

  19. patientdreamer24 June 2012 at 14:21

    Great post!  Loved the conversation between the two woman, hilarous!  Now that song will be in my head for the rest of the night.
    Since it's winter down here, we have some sunny days but very cold mostly foggy mornings and otherwise torrential rain. .... Hate winter, bring me summer anytime!

  20. I don't know anyone in Scotland who has or needs air conditioning it never stays warm enough for us to make use of it. I can see how if you are working in hot conditions you would need to go inside and cool down. We're never happy,are we?

  21. Thanks Debs. We just get the garden sorted and it starts pouring with rain and howling gales like you say. Next we look it'll be winter again.

  22. Ha ha! Yes when you tweeted about the sunshine I thought you must have been somewhere like Spain. The weather up here is different every day one day warm next day cold. Yes I would love to be young again too,"sighs"

  23. Hi Talli,yes that would be nice but I think I'll have to wait until I go to another country on holiday to feel the heat more than two days in a row.

  24. Thanks Diane glad you liked it. Your winter sounds like our summer,and I fed up with it.

  25. You've made me want to jump on a number 9 bus and do a bit of eavesdropping! It reminded me of the time you said you overheard someone blaming their child for the rain coming on haha, brilliant.

    Such a good point about the lack of extreme weather. We really don't realise how good we've got it. As my mum would say "you don't know you're born".

    Saying that, though, I really can't handle another winter of extreme, dangerous winds and 9 hour traffic jams in the snow, that was brutal!

  26.  Hi Catherine. Yes other people's conversations can be fun especially in Glasgow. No we don't want to be stranded in snow again but we'd like some sun I think.


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