Thursday, 14 June 2012

Beautiful and Inspirational ?

Beautiful and inspirational. Well this is the only time you'll hear that said about me in the same sentence and it applies to blog awards I have received from people who are beautiful and inspirational bloggers themselves.
The first award is from Kate who blogs at The Tales of Me Kate has designed this Inspirational Blogger award herself and the good thing about it is, I don't have to answer any questions. All I have been asked to do is give a reason why I am passing it along. Kate is one of those writers that when she writes you feel like she's sending you an email and speaking only to you. Thank you for this award Kate.

I'm passing this award on to,
George at A Shakespeare Journey  George blogs about reading his way through Shakespeare's works. He explains in his own words what he understands or doesn't understand about the plays and books. He has chosen a difficult subject and is inspirational in moving people to pick up Shakespeare again. He enthuses his readers to have a go and read the bard for themselves.
Lisa at Grandma's Briefs blogs about her grandchildren and life as a grandma. She has the most comprehensive blog I have read and poses interesting questions to her readers, she certainly derserves an Inspirational Blog Award.
JoJo from Tahoma Beadworks & Photography  Gosh what can I say about JoJo's blog,you will amazed at her photography,her beautiful beadwork in the jewellery she makes, her talent and turning something shabby into something beautiful as well as her travel tales she is a truly inspirational blogger.

I have also been given a  Very Inspiring Blog award by Jackie Buxton from Agenthood and Submissionville  Thank you Jackie.
 Jackie's blog is well worth reading from headless corpses to being a tour guide who didn't know where she was going it'll keep you well entertained.

I'm going to nominate
Uuganna from Guuye  a very inspiring winner of Mongolian woman of the year for Mongolians in Europe. Part of her blog contains very moving letters to her baby son Billy who she sadly lost when he was three months old. Uuganna is now battling to stop the word Mongol or Mong being used in a derogatory fashion.

The Beautiful Blogger Award came  from Donna at Lost and Found Thank you Donna for passing this to me.Donna's blog is a little bit of everything for every taste. She writes stories about her boys, reviews books and posts recipes. Donna is an aspiring writer and I have no doubt that one day her book will be published, just hope I'm invited to the launch party.

  I pass it on to.

Eiza from  Mommatwo who blogs about life with hubby and her two boys. Eliza is funny and original and if you ask her she tell you how to sort yourself out with a full outfit for less than £30.
Jess at Catch a Single Thought  a young mummy blogger with a creative edge to her blog. Cute photos too.
Inger at Desert Canyon Living Her blog contains lovely photos of wildlife around her canyon. Inger blogs about many things, her life her dogs, books, photos. It is a real pleasure to visit her in her canyon.

As usual for these awards there is a forfeit to pay,
1.Thank the person who gave it to you and link back to their blog
2.Tell seven facts about yourself.
3.Nominate seven worthy people for the award and let them know.
I'm not nominating seven as I have three awards and have just nominated seven for another award. Many of the blogs I read are authors or book reviewers who are not keen on awards so I've tried my best to find recipients who will accept the award and keep them going.


1. I didn't learn to drive until I was in my forties and hated it so much I gave up my car about three years ago to live a less stressful life. I never drove on motorways,couldn't reverse park and as I have no sense of direction I only drove to places I knew well, hopeless.

2. I think the first grown up book I read was Colour Blind by Catherine Cookson,before that one I read all her children's books and the Mary Ann series. She has written well over 100 books and I devoured them all.

3. I've always wondered what happened to the proper smokey bacon flavoured crisps I had when young, this crispy bacon flavour is just not the same.

4.I am not looking forward to The Olympics (am I the only one?) I don't like any kind of sport. I think school put me off sport for life because we were forced to take part. Watching sport is so boring. I will watch the opening ceremony and that is all.

5. I would love to take a course in creative writing if I can find one that doesn't cost the earth.

6. I enjoy watching children's fantasy films, the last one I saw was The Golden Compass. I really need a child of between eight and twelve to give me a excuse to go, anyone have one going spare?

7. I worked in a maternity hospital when I was eighteen and once put a blue name bangle onto a baby girl's ankle instead of a pink one.The father came to the nursery door and the sister said ,"What a lovely boy you have" She's wasn't very happy with me but she was such a scary dragon who frightened me so much she's the reason I made the mistake. Well that's my story.
The music today is from the film Scrooge, to say "Thank You Very Much" for my awards.


  1. Congrats on the awards!!!!!  AND btw, LOVE the musical 'Scrooge'.  It's my fave retelling of A Christmas Carol of all the movies and TV shows.  

  2. thefeatherednest14 June 2012 at 20:28

    Congratulations....a whole nest of awards all at once.

  3. Congratulations on the awards, Anne. Well deserved. I enjoyed this post and now of course I must check out the blogs you named. :)

  4. Anne, I'm really chuffed your passing on the award I designed, I know there are other 'inspirational blogger awards' but as you said it comes with no strings attached so it can be passed on just to show some blog love and appreciation :) That's lovely what you said about my writing on my blog, thank you


    p.s I got the lovely digital scrapbooking images from the wonderful site,  I thought I'd best give credit :)

  5. Lisa_GrandmasBriefs14 June 2012 at 23:35

    Congratulations on your awards, Anne. You definitely deserving them and then some! And thank you for passing one along to me. *Mwah!* I appreciate it, sweet grandma across the ocean!

  6. Thanks Lisa and you're very welcome.

  7. It's a lovely award to recieve Kate, and I don't think people want to hear any more facts about me so thanks.

  8. Thanks Anne, yes check them out you'll enjoy them.

  9. Ha ha yes I have haven't I? Thanks

  10. Thanks JoJo ,Yes it's a great film and song. I'm passing the first award on to you the Inspirational Blogger,I hadn't put it in when you read the post because I was trying to remember the other people I wanted to nominate and get it posted quickly.

  11. Thoroughly deserved award, Anne :) If I spot any decent looking creative writing classes, I'll be sure to give you a shout. I almost joined a writer's group then chickened out. It was just as well, cos they tore into each other something awful!

  12. "Well done on those awards" is how I feel I ought to start this comment but "Anne! I'm going to have that song in my head all day now!" is how I'm actually starting it. 

    I'm not looking forward to the Olympics either and neither am I enjoying all this football. I don't mind Wimbledon but I wouldn't get upset if I missed it. You've mentioned some interesting-sounding bloggers in this post so I shall now pop over and visit some of them.

    ... that's the nicest thing that anyone la la la...

  13. Thanks Catherine,I almost joined one too but got emails of their submissions and they weren't my cup of tea I'm afraid. I wouldn't want to join a group were they tear you apart,lol I want nice people.

  14. Ha ha! Yes it's the kind of song that sticks in your head a nice happy song. Football and Olympics suck!

  15. Hello, Anne. I'm stopping by on my Post Blogging from A to Z travels and just wanted to tell you how much I've enjoyed reading your blog posts tonight. Also, I didn't learn to drive, not really, till I was in my late 20s, hated it, feared for the well-being of myself and those around me, and quickly gave it up. It's buses and subways for me - not the most convenient way to live, but safer all around. :-)
    Some Dark Romantic

  16. Hi Mina, thanks for stopping by. Yes I know what you mean about driving I was so scared I would have an accident sosafer not to drive.


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