Tuesday, 8 May 2012

The A to Z Challenge - How did it go?

The organisers of the A to Z Challenge have asked all participants to write a reflective post on how it all went for us, the good, the bad, and the downright ugly.

The positive outcomes for me were that as I've not been writing for very long it was a good exercise.
 I choose a theme (Memories of Sixties and Seventies) although most of my posts were my own memories, I had to do some research, which I had never really done before.
The feedback I had through comments was that everyone enjoyed my theme, the music brought back memories for lots and even younger people not around at that time seemed to enoy it. I think I will add some seventies music to my posts now and again.

I had such a good time remembering my teenage years, the fashion, the pop idols, the TV programmes and just how I was back then before I became a wife and a mum, and best of all sharing them with everyone.

I visited lots of new blogs and gained lots of new followers to  mine. I was amazed at the variety of blogs out there and the many different themes I came across. I hope to have made new blogging friends as I have time now to do regular reading of their blogs.
One of my fellow bloggers had a fifties and sixties theme and we put links to each other on our blogs, I really enjoyed the camaraderie between us.
There was a great sense of achievement when I reached Z and knew I had completed the challenge and I display my survivor's badge with pride.
I will be collating all my posts and putting them under the heading of A-Z Challenge.

Let's not say bad, just the more challenging side of the challenge. Time, really that was all, not enough hours in the day to write and edit and visit all the blogs I wanted to. My time visiting blogs was really taken up by visiting people who had left comments on my site, I thought that was only fair. I did waste some time clicking on blogs on the linky list to find the hadn't taken part.
This was the first time I had taken part as I've only been blogging and writing since August, so I didn't know quite what I was letting myself in for. I had seven posts more or less ready before I started and for the rest of the time I was about two posts ahead but I suppose If they were all ready ahead of time it would take some of the fun away.

I was exhausted at the end and so glad to see the first day of May on the horizon. I celebrated pressing the "Z"   publish button with some wine, just a little not a lot.

Would I do it all again next year? You betcha! Although more wine might be called for. Cheers!
From 1966, The Good,The Bad and The Ugly, Enjoy.

What did you think of the Ato Z Challenge? As a reader, did you enjoy reading posts everyday? What did you think of my theme?


  1. thefeatherednest8 May 2012 at 16:45

    This was my second year and just like the first time, I was SO glad when it was over.  Enjoyed your theme.

  2. It was lovely finding your blog through the challenge :) I thoroughly enjoyed reading your posts, and will continue to do so from now on! 

  3. I loved your theme!  Brought me back to my childhood too!

  4. Rosalind Adam8 May 2012 at 21:07

    Aha! I see now where this post was leading to... The Good The Bad and The Ugly. Love it! 

    It was fun comparing notes, wasn't it. The camaraderie made it all so much more do-able. I too ended up mainly visiting those bloggers who had commented on my blog, not my original intention but it was a case of survival.What shall we do for next year's challenge?

  5. Thanks so much for reading it.

  6. Thanks Catherine I enjoyed yours too.

  7. Hi JoJo I'm so glad you enjoyed it. I'm glad I found your blog too.

  8. Thanks Ros, yes it was good to have someone to moan to when I was finding it a bit hard going. It will take me a year to decide what theme to have but it'll be fun.

  9. I loved your theme and finding you...going to be fun to follow you in the future. I'm still trying to figure out what my blog is going to be when it grows up...LOL!

  10. I liked your theme---am glad you liked the challenge and would be doing it next year!

    Damyanti, #atozchallenge host 2012


  11. It was a great theme, and I was amazed by how much I remembered. I only found your blog later on, through Rosalind's. It was my first time too, and I was overwhelmed by the number of blogs to visit each day - just keeping on top of the blogs I followed was enough, let alone going out and finding new ones!

  12. Thanks Donna, nice of you to say.I'm glad you will be returning.

  13. Hi Annalisa, yes it was quite difficult,I hope to be able to visit all the blogs again at my lesuire. I'm glad you enjoyed my theme.

  14. Hi Anne, I enjoyed reading your A-Z challenge posts, especially the Imagine one. Congrats to you for getting through it-I expect it was a lot of work. I struggle to post once a week!

  15. AlexJCavanaugh11 May 2012 at 00:28

    Sounds like the good outweighed the bad! Don't worry, none of us hosts visited everyone either. Too many.
    Glad you had a good time!

  16. I read the post, read about the blog owner, then comment.  That takes more time so I'm still looking at the various posts.  I love the diversity in presentation and subject matter.  Congrats on completing the challenge.

    I enjoyed it, I would do the Challenge again, but I will always work around a theme. 

    Nice to meet you.  Hope you stop over at my blog when you can. 

  17. Hi Cast29, Thanks for stopping by and for your kind comments ,I certainly will visit your blog.

  18. Yes you're right Alex.It seemed to me the hosts were everywhere I don't know how you all did it,well done.

  19. Thanks Anita,yes it was alot of work and half way through I didn't think I would make it but it was a good exercise for me.

  20. I can imagine how pleased you were to publish Z. :)

    I loved reading your posts - and Rosalind's - as they brought back so many memories. Great fun! If I hadn't been on Deadline Hell, I would have read a lot more A-Z blogs. 

    Glad you had wine to celebrate!

  21. Yes it was an accomplishment to reach Z. I wish I had managed to read more but there wasn't enough hours in the day.

  22. Type your comment here.Congratulation on finishing the
    challenge. During the challenge I didn't visit as many blogs as I would
    like to but, cross my heart, I'm visiting every single one with the
    reflection post! I am so glad my journey brought me here.Evalina, This and that...


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