Sunday, 1 April 2012

A-Z Challenge Day one. A is for Abba.

This is my first post for the A-Z Challenge to write a post every day in April beginning with a letter of the alphabet. If you're visiting my blog for the first time because you're taking part, welcome and good luck with yours.If you're not taking part in the challenge I'm so glad you stopped by to read mine, hope you enjoy them.
My theme will be my memories of the sixties and seventies I hope to bring back a few memories for all the oldies out there and if you were too old to remember then you will see that we did it all first!

                            A. IS FOR ABBA

Abba burst onto the British pop scene in 1975 when they represented  and won the Eurovision Song Contest for Sweden. We all fell a bit in love with Abba and who didn't want to be Agentha and Anni- Frid?
Waterloo, Dancing Queen, Mama Mia, Fernando  and many more of their songs are still sung today and are top of the karaoke charts at parties.
Although Benny and Bjorn  went on to write songs for other artists including the musical Mama Mia, Abba have said the will never play together again. In 2000 they were offered one billion US dollars to reform and play one hundred concerts, they turned it down.
Abba's style personified the seventies fashion scene and watered down versions of their stage costumes were worn by everyone. As seventies icons Abba will never be forgotten.

Abba's Eurovision win.      


  1. I remember! They took the UK by storm, and everyone was singing along to their tunes . Definitely a super group of their time.
    You have brought back many happy memories for me this morning. Best wishes with the challenge.

  2. Thanks Maria,after writing the post I couldn't get their songs out of my head.

  3. There's times I've loved them and times I've not. Great first day. thanks for your comments on mine too.

    My A is for '

  4. trish Nicholson1 April 2012 at 10:00

    Really enjoyed this post Anne, they were, and are, favourites of mine, can't keep still or quiet when they're on! Thanks for the nostalgia. Trish.

  5. Awwww love the theme ! This is my first time visiting but this is a really cheery post to start on! Thank you! And good luck to you too for the rest of the challenge :)

  6. Thinking of ABBA reminds me of my school days :)

  7. patientdreamer1 April 2012 at 10:28

    Oh I loved the group and still do.... have their records still. Wonderful start to your A-Z challenge.

  8. Thanks for visiting Lynnelives.
    Trish,always glad of your input, you'll be humming their tunes all day now.
    Hopeful Romantic, thanks for visiting I'll go to yours now.
    Dazediva, Glad I brought back some memories for you.

  9. Thanks Diane I'm glad you enjoyed it.

  10. I love ABBA. I saw Mamma Mia on stage before it was made into a film. It was brilliant and you're not going to believe this but I've been writing my A to Z posts with ABBA songs playing in the background.

  11. Oh Heck No... I am not going to listen to ABBA, maybe... okay I am hooked.

    Great start... to the challenge "A" is for Awesome!
    Jeremy [Retro-Zombie]
    A to Z Co-Host
    IZOMBIE: Visit the Madness

  12. I was never a huge Abba fan, and I really didn't like Mama Mia - but my friends hate me for it as they all love it!

    Looking forward to 'B'! :)

  13. Ahhh.... sweet memories...I remember Abba... I love their songs, especially "Fernando" :-))


  14. Rosalind I would love to see it on stage I love musicals of any kind. Why am I not surprised you were listening to Abba.

    Retro-Zombie what a great blog title. Thanks for dropping by hope you enkjoyed Abba

    Donna, you must be too young1 How could you not like Abba!!!
    Doris, thanks for dropping bay yes it is a lovely song, very sad.

  15. Hi Anne, I love the ABBA songs. I first saw their record cover in rural Mongolia when my aunt came back from Swerdlowsk then but Ekaterinburg now in Russia. I thought why the Bs are looking two different directions. Then we used to do gymnastics during our school breaks to ABBA songs. Over a thousand kids dancing at the same time, outside. Ahh, the socialist time and that's my childhood. :)

  16. One of my favorite groups. Good start to the A-Z challenge.

    1. Thanks,I couldn't find your blog so if you stop by again leave the address and I'll visit

  17. Young or older :) everyone loves Abba! Interesting post. I shall enjoy reading through your A-Z posts. I was going to do it but recently had some sad news which seems to have zapped all my motivation and inspiration for writing on my blog (I will get it back again soon I am sure) so I thought doing a daily challenge may not be the best thing at the mo. I shall be checking out your posts though! Taking part in challenges is a great way of meeting fellow bloggers. I recently did a read along and met some great people with fab blogs. Look forward to the rest of your posts

    Take care


  18. love Abba!

    Happy A to Z

  19. I am really going to enjoy your posts, glad I found you during A to Z.

    I'm doing flash fiction, words picked at random, photos found to inspire, then max of 10 sentences and min of 100 words. I love that there are so many different approaches to the A to Z. I'm calling it 10 by 10.

    BTW, I'm picking out one commenter at random and adding them to my list to follow. Too many to do otherwise...

  20. Guuye, I think the B's were changed just to make you take notice of their name because it's different. Gymn in school breaks would be my worst nightmare.

    Rebeka,thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment.

    Kate, I do hope you get back to your blog soon and I'm sorry for your sad news but writing can be a good way of pouring your feelings out.

    Baygirl thanks for your comment.

    Donna thanks for reading I'll be popping over to yours.


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