Saturday, 14 April 2012

My Ding a Ling, Walking on The Moon, Monkees and Midriffs

In 1972 Chuck Berry was asking us to play with his "Ding a Ling" My parents were appalled and worried what the world was coming to. Morality campaigner Mary Whitehouse tried, unsuccessfully to have the song banned from our airwaves. Some radio stations did stop playing the record because of the innuendos contained in the lyrics. I can't understand why Chuck Berry recorded it as he is hailed as one of the pioneers of Rock and Roll and this was novelty song and certainly not rock and roll.
The song is very funny but in the seventies it was embarrassing if it was played when your parents were in the room.
Just to put anyone who hasn't heard it at their ease in case they think my blog has turned pornographic, the song is about his ding a ling which is two silver bells on a string given to him by his grandma which he took everywhere with him. He asks everyone to join in the last chorus and if you're not singing you must be playing with your ding a ling. This video of him singing is extremely funny especially the hairstyles and clothes of the audience.
The song is very catchy and if you listen to it you'll probably be sing about your ding a ling all day long.

On July 21st 1969 American astronaut Neil Armstrong walked on the moon and said the immortal words,"That's one small step for man,one giant leap for mankind."
I was on holiday in Blackpool and watched it on a tiny black and white television set in the guests lounge of the boarding house we were staying. From the moment he stepped on the moon the sun left the sky and it started pouring with rain. Before that day we had lovely sunny weather, my aunt and the other residents all blamed the moon landing. We just could not imagine walking on the moon and that night looking up at the sky knowing someone had walked on that huge ball so far away was just breathtaking and still is today.

The Monkees, four silly boys brought together for a TV show in America about a pop group of four silly boys. I can hardly believe the show only lasted for two years from 1966 to 1968 it must have been repeated a lot on our TVs. They continued to play after the show finished as everyone loved them by then and became pop stars in their own right. They became one of the first manufactured boy bands, put together for television.
I'm a Believer
Last Train to Clarksville
A little Bit Me, A Little Bit You
Daydream Believer.
Davy Jones was the only British member of the group and had appeared in Coronation Street and Z Cars.
 He was my favourite member of the group. He very sadly passed away in February this year, too young at only sixty six.

This song happens to be the ring tone on my mobile phone.


I must add this is not me in the silver halter neck
A fab style in the seventies were midriff tops, where we showed a tiny part of our midriff. These are called cropped tops today and so much more flesh is shown than we would have dared to show. Some midriff tops had halter necks which meant our back was also bare, very daring. I had a lovely silver glittery knitted one and I was wearing it at the dancing when I met my husband. Once again we had them first!

The letter M takes us to the half way point in this
 A to Z Challenge. Even although I am enjoying  writing this it has been a challenge but I have been spurred on by the lovely comments on my blog so thank you to everyone who is reading this and Hopefully I will have interesting memories to write about for the rest of the alphabet.


  1. So many great late husband loved the Ding-a-Ling song and got pretty raunchy with it. [giggle]

    I remember sewing my own halter tops, easy with two large open seams for simple cotton clothesline ties. I was a bit smaller {everywhere} back them. LOL!

  2. I was WAY too young to appreciate 'my ding a ling' was funny to sing along with but at the age of 7/8 when it came out, I didn't get it! lol

    I LOVE THE MONKEES!!!! Love love love love them. Always have.

    Halter/crop tops were forbidden by my mom. Nothing allowed that showed off any skin. I wasn't even allowed to have two piece bathing suits (she always told me I was too fat).

    1. I was never thin enough for a halter top but had a couple of halter dresses! I loved the monkees and don't think I missed one of their shows! And as for my ding a ling what can I say it always used to raise a laugh!

    2. Not enough space don't give up I'm enjoying it too much! Louise xx

    3. Hi Louise, I think you can type as much as you like in the space. When you look at Monkees shows now they were so silly. I'm sure you had a halter top. Thanks for reading we're half way through now.

    4. Hi Jo Jo , Yes the Monkees were fun. Maybe your mum just didn't like bikinis!

  3. Loved loved loved the halter top, although my dad didn't appreciate me wearing them very much as a teenager. And that song was such a riot! Thanks for the walk down memory lane again, very enjoyable :)

    1. Hi Jen,When you see what is worn by young people these days we really didn't show much flesh. Good you enjoyed it.

  4. Agree with Jen on the Memory Lane comment! Wow! I had forgotten that song! Loved Davey Jones and halter tops, back in the day! Nice to "meet" you!

    1. Hi Kelly, nice to meet you too. It's great when an old song comes back into your mind again., the memories come flooding back.

  5. Sadly, because I am OLD, I remember all this stuff as it was happening, wore halter tops every chance I could and drooled over Mister Jones and his monkees. My Ding-a-ling was a HUGE hit, just a ridiculous song, but you're right - it was so catchy you just couldn't stop singing.
    As for the klackers you mention in your previous post? I can't tell you HOW many bruised fingers I had because of those silly things!!!

  6. If you're old then that means I am too because I lived through it all too. So we're not old just not as young as we were then. It's good indulging in a bit of nostalgia.Thanks for reading.

  7. I love these posts. Ah, those were the days.

    I always loved the Monkees too. Davey Jones was wonderful.

  8. Thanks Shirley,I'm enjoying the nostalgia.

  9. I loved the monkees and think I watched every one too. mini claim to fame - helped Peter Tork with a sudoku a few years ago...
    I was 11 and found my ding-a-ling hilarious. I had no idea what it could be construed as. Quite eye watering watching it again now and I'm a woman!
    Great post as always.

  10. Thanks for the video of "Daydream Believer" - I enjoyed the Monkees the first time 'round, and still do.


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