Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Memories of the 60's &70's V is for Vintage

Writing my memories of the sixties and seventies has me steeped in nostalgia. As I searched the internet for fashion of that era I discovered dress hire companies renting and selling the clothes of my teenage years as vintage and suitable for fancy dress parties. I was a bit surprised, what does vintage mean? How old does something have to be before it is considered to be vintage?
Opinion seems to differ some say more than seven years old, which I though was ridiculous, the majority say more than twenty five years old.
 Nineteen seventy was forty two years ago, said like that and yes it is vintage maybe even antique? No, it has to be more than seventy five years old to be antique.

We also talk about vintage with regard to wine. This doesn't mean the wine is old it means the time and the place the grapes were picked and wine was made. Wine connoisseurs would say wine improves with age and the older the vintage the better the wine or that some years had a particularly good vintage, (can you see where I'm going with this?)

The sixties and seventies were good vintage years. Youngsters may laugh at some of the clothes and dress up in them at parties but they do keep bringing those styles back and  the music is still played today.

Although I was born in the late fifties, it was during the sixties and seventies that I did my growing up and when my life was shaped and what "made " me, like a good vintage we sixties and seventies gals are improving with age.
I still feel  inside that I am  the young girl who swooned over pop stars and listened to the top twenty on my trannie.
When I reach Z in my memories of the fifties and sixties I'll raise a glass of vintage wine to the pop stars, the styles and of course the people who have shared in this reminiscence with me, Cheers!

The Victorian look. Sometimes called the granny look. Long dresses bought from Laura Ashley,  granny lace up short boots, and velvet chokers with cameos on them. My mum used to say my granny had dresses the same as the ones I was wearing. I have one question about this look,  why?

Franki  Vali was singing "My Eyes Adored You in 1975

 In 1979 Abba released Voulez Vous.

 Elvis Presley starred in the film Viva Las Vegas in 1964.

The" V" I have chosen is, Video Killed The Video Star by The Buggles, released in 1979,  it was the first music video played on MTV it tells of the changes pop singers faced when they were compelled to make videos of their music to be shown on television and it's quite a catchy tune too.

Over at Writing in the Rain  Rosalind Adam has memories of what "V" meant for her in the fifties and sixties.


  1. Ah yes, the Victorian look. I quite like that one!

  2. Oh, what memories. I loved the Victorian look. I used to feel so grand in my velvet choker too.

    And thanks. I think. I shall now have that 'catchy tune' stuck in my head for days. :)

  3. I was born in 1964 but have always felt drawn to the hippies/60s thing, and still live my life in tie dyes.  love the Victorian look as well.  

  4. I don't think we have stlyes now that you have to dress like ,I think anything goes.

  5. Hi Shirly. The look came back again when my daughter was young I remember making her chokers. Yes I loved them too.

  6. I did at the time but looking back on it why did we want to look like old ladies?

  7. I scour charity shops in the hope I might one day find something vintage. I love the hippy look. I was born in 74, so I missed it - I just got the pink and brown dungaree look foisted on me. 

  8. Oh I wish I had kept all my old clothes now.

  9. I'm glad to hear that 7 year old clothes aren't vintage cause I'm still wearing them. I do still have one of my mini dresses from the 60s. I can't get into it but I'll never part with it.

    I do agree with you that the 60s and 70s were vintage years. Fabulous music came from those two decades (more so than in the 50s) and exciting fashion. I wonder what today's kids will be excited about when their past becomes vintage.

  10. Ann Margaret and Elvis, classics both of them. And she continues to act to this day, she's priceless.


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