Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Double Tag.

Yes, I've been tagged again, twice over but as the people who tagged me, Donna from Lost and Found. and Kate from The Tales Of Me. are only getting their own back. I feel I should answer their questions.

Donna's is - My Firsts

My First Boyfriend. 
I always liked a boy in my class at school from primary one right through primary school he didn't notice me until our leaving dance and he picked me for every one I was so excited.We saw each other a few times during school holidays all very innocent, he asked me to the pictures and my parents wouldn't let me go (I was only twelve) He went to a different secondary school and I never saw him again.

The first person I kissed.
I think I was about thirteen and it was the boy who lived in the upstairs flat I got such a shock I didn't speak to him for months. After that I kissed a few frogs before I met my prince.

My first job.
 I was still at school and had a Saturday job in Birrell and R.S Mc call Newsagents shops. I also worked all during the summer. I was moved from shop to shop all over the city so never got settled anywhere. I hated it except for the chocolate Italian cream chocolates I used to eat. My aunt was a manager in one of the shops so, much as I wanted to I couldn't leave until it was time to go to college.

My first CD/record.
I'm showing my age here as I've no idea what my first CD was I was too busy with my young children when they first came out. My first record was Those Were The Days by Mary Hopkins, does anyone remember it? My first LP was Top Of The Pops compilation it had Sugar Sugar, Knock Three Times and Suspicious Minds on it. Yes,those were the days.

 My first road trip
Before we had children my husband and I went camping around Scotland in a clapped out Triumph Herald with no spare wheel. We took our cocker spaniel with us and had a great time, I think we got as far as Ullapool. One night we went for a drink leaving the dog in the car in the pub car park when we came out he had eaten the seat belts and chewed half a seat. He was so mad at us! Thankfully we never needed to use the spare wheel we didn't have.

What age were you when you first left home.
I left as a bride four months before my twenty first birthday  and I think I only spent one more night in my parents house after that. I regret not giving my mum time to adjust to me not being there but in those days that's what happened.

Kate's Tag-
What period of history would you most like to visit and why?
I would have said Edwardian because I love the dresses, but I would have to be rich it wasn't good for working class people in those days,but when I think of women having to marry to keep the family money in the family and how the working class women  were treated by men I think the period we are in now is the best, except for the lack of long dresses with bustles.

If  you could stay a certain age forever what would it be?
The age I am now. I'm not too old, I have my freedom since the children have left home and I have a lovely granddaughter so if I stopped ageing now I would always be here for her.

Have you had something happen to you that you thought was bad but turned out to be for the best?
Nearly six years ago I had to give up working. I enjoyed my part time job as a GP receptionist but my health was getting worse and I was in and out of hospital and going back to work before I was ready as I covered lunch breaks and didn't want to let anyone down. A year after leaving my job my health started improving and I have not had any hospital stays for more than two years now. My consultant said giving up work was the best thing I could have done.

What do you want to be when you grow up?
I always wanted to have a job where I could travel the world but then I found out I would have to learn a lot of languages I changed my mind. I think I'd like to be a doctor.

What have you learnt in the past week?
I learnt how to fix the spacing issues I had on Microsoft word and that kind people do still exist.

I am not going to tag anyone this time as everyone I know has already done at least one.If however you do want to answer any of the questions please feel free to do so either in the comments section or as a blogpost, if you let me know I will put a link to your blog on here.

                                                                                                ANNE X
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  1. Loved to read your answers for both lots of questions. It's sad you had to leave your job but great your health improved. I think you would of made a lovely receptionist. I work as a practice nurse and from what I've got to know of you would be great at it xxx

    1. Thanks Kate thats very nice of you to say, I hope I was.

  2. "Those Were the Days" by Mary Hopkins is a wonderful song. I had it on 45. Have you heard Dolly Parton's version? I have that on CD--she does a great job with that song and also "Stairway to Heaven", yes the Led Zep song.

    Wrote By Rote
    An A to Z Co-host blog
    Twitter: @AprilA2Z

    1. Hi Arlee,Thanks for stopping by.I didn't know Dolly Parton sang that song but I will check it out. Thanks.

  3. What a cool post! I love these little insights into your life. You seem very calm and caring - I'm sure you'd make a fabulous doctor.

    1. Thanks Tali. Maybe in another life I'll be one.

  4. I love this: "The age I am now. I'm not too old, I have my freedom since the children have left home and I have a lovely granddaughter so if I stopped ageing now I would always be here for her." Awesome, Anne.

    I also love your wondering about the blank spaces. So funny.

    Happy day, my friend!

  5. I'm glad you took the time to scroll through all the blanks to comment. Thanks.

  6. This post has confirmed my earlier fears. It would seem that you are, indeed, younger than me!!! My first record was Lonely City by John Leyton and no, I'm sure you won't remember it! And as for the question of what age I would like to be... well, let me think. I know, I'd like to be your age!

  7. Yeah! It's not very often I'm younger than someone! No I've never heard of John Leyton, googled him but know I don't know of him..sorry.


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