Thursday, 23 February 2012

Why, How and What For?

Recently I found a poem I had written about my daughter when she was very young, ( you can find it under the label poems) Part of it spoke about her asking questions constantly, why, how and what for?
 All children ask these questions as soon as they learn to say mama, dada and no, their next word is why? and it never stops.
Of course that's how children learn, they ask in order to receive information of the world around them, as they get older it gets harder to answer their questions.

Child - " Mummy what's that in the sky?
Mum - " That's called the sun, it gives us light and keeps us warm"
Child - " Why?"
Mum- " Because without it we would be cold and it would be dark."
Child- "Why?"
Mum-"Because the sun gives us light and heat"
Child- "How did the sun get in the sky"
Mum- " Eh! let's go and play on the swings"
Child -"Okay"
Mum- "Phew!!!"

Every mum will know that scenario. I remember when I was little going on the bus into town with my aunt and asking what all the buildings were as we passed them by. She always told me who lived in them and what job they did. We visited George Square in Glasgow City Centre and she would tell me the stories behind the statues that stood all round the square, important people in Glasgow and Scotland's history. What I didn't know then was that while some were true those she didn't know, she made up. I'm pleased that she did, she was a great storyteller and I was satisfied with her explanations and not left wanting.
As we get older we still question our world, constantly asking ourselves,"why?" So today I'm  indulging myself and asking all those questions that have been niggling at me lately.

 1. Why do people who deliver leaflets never post them through the letter box but leave them half in half out?
2.Why does the Royal Mail post more junk mail through my letter box than proper mail?
3. Why do cream eggs get small each year?
4. Why does my kindle throw a strop when I fall asleep reading and loose my page?
5. Why do I always tell the hairdresser I love my new hairstyle then go home, wash and restyle it?
6.Why has no one invented a silencer for a dentist's drill ? If  a gun can have one why not the drill?
7.Why do packets of bacon or cold meat instruct me to, "peel here" when it's a lie and package can't be peeled open ?
8. Why does the second episode of Coronation St always start before sky plus has started recording? I told you I was a soapaholic.
9. Why do I have to "check in" online before flying and then have to stand  in a huge queue at the airport to "check in"
10.why do I still have to iron,"non iron" shirts?

Do you know the answer to any of my questions? Or do you have a niggling one of your own? Please share.


  1. Re the leaflets/ junk mail that come through the letterbox-sometimes I feel like opening the door and saying - 'Would you mind just putting it in the blue bin over there? Thanks.'

  2. Yes, exactly! That's where mine go,menus for local chinese, Indian take aways which I already have go straight in bin, I always think it's a waste of money.

  3. Good questions! Wish I had the answers for you! I have more questions for you because YOU'VE BEEN TAGGED! Now don't be mad at me, I'm not picking on you, it's cause I like you. So head on over to my blog copy and paste the questions and when you've answered them please let me know cause I really want to read your answers!

  4. Junk mail drives me crazy. And I've always wondered why Creme Eggs get smaller each year. Let us know if you find the answer!

  5. Thank you Natalie,And I mean that most sincerely from the bottom of my heart! Ha ha !!!

    Shirley, Cream eggs really are so small soon they will be selling them in boxes like chocolates!

  6. I think I've shouted 'Yes - Why?!' at every single one! This is so like me!
    Re the hairdresser I've never normally left the hair before I fiddle!
    Creme Eggs - is this why I buy a box of 6 (6 means 12...) and they're gone in a couple of days?
    Love this - made me giggle!

  7. So glad your not upset! I like make up the questions cause um basically I'm nosy and want to know everything. It's a cool way to get to know your fellow bloggers.

  8. Donna,I'm glad I made you laugh.

    Natalie,Watch this space!

  9. Apparently I was a terror as a kid, always asking why, why, why! I love your questions. The dentist one is a brilliant question. You could get an award for service to man(and woman)kind if you could invent a silent dentist drill. I'm with you on the junk mail issues too. Excellent post.

  10. Anne, Once again I have enjoyed reading your blog! It is so good to be back. - Hugs, Maeve

  11. Oh no! Don't get me started on this sort of question! It's funny I should read this today as I've been chuckling all day to myself about my friend who, when she said this last night, I just thought, that's why I love her! We were talking about what we were wearing on Saturday night. We're all in a singing group (very enthusiastic amateurs, that is, very enthusiastic and very amateur!) and are petrified about singing at a friend's party tomorrow. Of course we realised that what we needed to do in this situation was decide exactly what we were going to wear. We decided we would 'glam up' and would wear dresses. "Aren't dresses funny," my friend said. "They're just a tube and your legs kind of hang out of the bottom, you decide just how much they hang out and what colour the tube's going to be and then everyone says how nice it is. Who decided a dress was nice in the first place? And who came up with it originally?" Ah yes, it isn't just six year olds asking testing questions.
    Great post!

  12. Rosalind,I can't believe we can fly to the moon and yet we still have to put up with a whirring drill in our mouth.

    Maeve, I'm so glad you're back among us again.Thanks for reading.

    Jaxbee, Yes that gave me a laugh too. If you think of anything for long enough you will ask why? Perhaps that's what children do.
    Thanks for your input.

  13. All valid questions but who knows the answers? I'd like to know why the 'opening strips' on cellophane packaging never tear and why the pull tabs on tins don't (always) pull;-)

  14. Your are so right. Definitely questions I have asked myself. Made me giggle too!


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