Saturday, 21 January 2012

My Small Stones - Week 3

From the corner of my eye I see a flash of brown dash across the garden. Fox is on his nightly prowl, foraging for scraps of food. He will leave his scent behind and the dog will search for clues of his whereabouts, but he will be long gone, back to his family with his bounty.

Jan 16th
Brittle naked trees sway against a sky striped with pink and blue. One has been torn apart by the storms, leaving an open wound, gaping and raw. I wonder if it will survive.

Jan 17th
Fridge clicks, computer fan whirs noisily. Car alarm emits an ear piercing wail. Text message peeps, mobile phone sings a well known theme tune. Washing machine rumbles, microwave pings, and somewhere not too far away, a bird sings sweetly.

Jan 18th
I look at the knots in the wooden floor. An owl with big brown eyes, staring.  A little gremlin with huge pointy ears, listening. Along the grain of the wood lies a coiled serpent with a cartoon face ready to attack. A tall bird with a long sharp beak ready to peck. They have always been there and I have never noticed.

Jan 19th 
My dog looks at me with sad soulful eyes trying to convey through the power of thought what he wants. His eyes are pools of black surrounded with the darkest brown with white flecks of reflective pictures.

Jan 20th 
It is dusk. The sky is still, apart from a solitary bird flying home late to his nesting. There are no stars.The orange glow from the street lamps take their place in this urban environment.

Jane 21st 
It has rained all day. I find respite by researching holidays and imagining myself feeling the heat of the sun once more. By the sea the stars will sparkle in the night sky and street lamps will have no need to impose themselves.

                                                                                                                     ANNE X


  1. Lovely piece of writing, hope you keep it up. I'll look forward to reading more. George

  2. beautiful writing.... love the big sad eyes.... white flecks of reflective pictures.... more please!!

  3. George thanks you for visiting for the first time and for your comments,I hope you will return.

    Diane, Your comments always make me smile, thank you.

  4. Excellent small stones. I love the knots on your wooden floor. I do that sort of thing with floors and wallpaper and stuff.

    In answer to your question about moving pictures on my blog, I put a search into Google for something like animated guitar and then I right click on the mouse and copy it's URL. Hope that makes sense.

  5. I love these small stones. We have a stone inglenook and I'm always finding 'creatures' that I haven't spotted before.

    I have 4 sad soulful eyes looking at me right now. Must be time to feed the dogs...

  6. Thanks Rosalind,I'm always looking for shapes ,my hubby never sees them. Thanks for info I never thought of doing that lol!!

    Shirley,thanks so much. Yes dogs don't have to speak they just have to look at us.


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