Sunday, 15 January 2012

My Small Stones- Week 2

 Jan 8th
The sky shows shades of yellow and red, framed in black. A white furrow ploughs through the picture made by a giant metal bird.

Jan 9th
My baby grandaughter smiles and laughs at everyone and it is so infectious that everyone around her has to laugh too. You can never frown when a baby is around.

Jan 10th
Bored waiting in a queue to pay for shopping, thinking of things I could be doing.The assistant waves and says "Hello" and I realise she is an old friend and suddenly my wait is no longer a chore.

Jan 11th
The rarely used coffee machine is clicking and spluttering. The rich,strong aroma of coffee fills the air. Lunch is ready, and my friend and I drink, eat, and talk.

Jan 12th
Today I see my small stone through the eyes of a toddler. A flock of birds overhead brings shrieks and giggles. A stick is a brush, a wand and a whip, a treasured possession he won't give up. Pebbles on the driveways are the most precious diamonds and  he fills his pockets with them.

Jan 13th 
Jack Frost has sprinkled glitter on the car roof and it sparkles and glistens in the semi darkness of the early morning. The grass is dressed in white crystals and I can see my breath.

The sun sets between the houses. Red, grey, orange and blue. Clouds slowly cross one another and come to rest. The day now slumbers quietly until it gives way to the morning light


  1. I love your January 10th stone. Isn't time fascinating, the way it can be long or short depending on what we're doing :-)

  2. Thanks Rosalind,Yes sometimes a ten minute wait can seem like an eternity,but wait ten minutes with a friend and it goes in an instant.

  3. Anne, I really like these mini diary entries. They rhyme and all I can say is you write beautifully. Yes, when there is a baby everyone feels lighter, happier and when they smile and laugh it's like a butterfly flying past you. You want it to last longer and do it again and agai. Enjoy your granddaughter. She is just wonderful. X

  4. Thanks Guuye,That's so nice of you.Why don't you join in with The River Of Stones.You can even tweet it with hashtag #smallstone. Thanks for stopping by.

  5. Beautiful snippets - so uplifting!

  6. I really enjoyed these again, Anne! Thanks for sharing.

  7. Thanks Talli for your lovely comments.

    Rebecca,thanks I'm enjoying writing them,really has you thinking.

  8. I am am enjoying reading your thoughts. So very refreshing. w

  9. Thanks Wendy,what a lovely comment.

  10. I love your Jan 12 stone. Children's imaginations are simply wonderful!

  11. How beautiful your writing is..... gentle, wistful, I love it. And I love 12th.

  12. Diane, Thank you.You make me want to keep on writing.


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