Saturday, 7 January 2012

My Small Stones - Week 1

 Kasp and Fiona from Writing Our Way Home have invited us all during January to...Pay more attention to  everything around us, the delightful, the ugly and the amazing and tell the world about it.
We should.....
 Pay more attention and fall in love with the world.
Our January '12 'river of stones' has begun!
Here's what to do.
1. Notice something properly every day during January.
2. Write it down.

Go out and buy yourself a gorgeous notebook, start writing your small stones, and you'll be in the river.
Use the hashtag  #smallstone on twitter or go to the link for Kasp's and Fiona's bog and write your small stones there.
I received a journal as a Christmas gift and have been writing my "small stones" there, and once a week in January I will writing a round up of my week in my blog.
Jan 1st 
The dog's coat has been brushed and his white fluffy hair lies on the grass like cotton wool balls,soft and fluffy.
Small birds are watching from the trees in anticipation of a cosy lining for their nests and I am pleased we could help them.
Jan 2nd 
I hear a hundred drums sounding a beat as round perfectly formed hailstones hit my windows. They are so forceful an intruder to my quiet morning.
Jan 3rd
The sound of waves crashing to the shore awakens me from my sleep and deafens, but it is only the wind on his wild rampage through the country.
Jan 4th 
The crisp fresh smell of newly ironed clothes leaves me satisfied with my achievement.
Jan 5th 
Two tiny toddlers laughing and screaming with the the sheer wonder and enjoyment of life. If only I could feel like them again even just for a minute.
Jan 6th 
Three crows fighting over some stale bread. Only one will win the bounty when their squabbling and squawking is over and as they fly away their feathers glisten in the rain.
Jan 7th 
The trees stand tall but look ugly in their nakedness as they wait for Spring and Mother Nature to clothe them in their greens and make them beautiful once more.

                                                              ANNE X


  1. Enjoyed reading your stones, Anne. We seem to have similar interests :)I like your blog in general - glad to have found it.

  2. I love your stones. The one for Jan 3rd is similar to mine. Great minds! I tweeted my first one with the hashtag you've included in your post but I was contacted by Fiona and asked to drop the s. Apparently we're meant to be using #smallstone
    I'm going to post some of mine up next week.

  3. Thanks Anne for visiting and your kind comments.

    Rosalind,Thank you,I've never done anything like this before but I'm enjoying it. I've changed my hash tag,thanks for letting me know.

  4. This is so lovely, Anne, your stones are beautiful. I have noticed we both are writing quite a few about nature :o)

  5. Thanks Rebecca, I think we're writing about nature because it's different from usual and it has made me look around more.

  6. Hello Anne, I really like these, especially the one from Jan 6th. Look forward to reading some more.

  7. I love these. Looking forward to reading more of your stones!

  8. Thanks Anita, hope I can keep it up.

    Thanks for your comments Shirley.

  9. Hi, New follower from Cyber connect. I look forward to reading your posts. I also have a few blogs if you would like to visit them and follow back to. (savings and more) (Social media talk) and...:D My store blog/ fashion blog I'm always game for helping eachother out to. ;D


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