Tuesday, 31 January 2012

My Small Stones-Final week

This is the fourth and final week of The River Of Stones and writing  my daily small  stones to become part of the river. I have never done anything like this before and I have enjoyed the process of looking around me, taking more notice of my surroundings and finding something to write about. Each day I thought would be the day I wouldn't be able to do it but I have continually surprised myself. I only hope I have done justice to The River of Stones with my efforts. Thank you to Fiona and Kaspa from Writing Our Way Home for the inspiration.
I have read lots of other small stones in blogs and tweets and found them to be inspiring and interesting. I am amazed at such diverse topics we can all come up with. So here they are my final small stones although I hope to keep writing them in a journal. Normal service will be resumed next week.
Thanks for reading.

Jan 22nd
The smell of food cooking  tantalises my taste buds .Chicken,onions and tomatoes all add to the aroma wafting from the kitchen. My daughter is the cook tonight and I sip wine and wait to be served.

Jan 23rd
My senses are invaded. I see muddy  paws on the floor, black and grimy. I smell wet dog, earthy and woody. I touch soaking wet dog hair, it sticks to my fingers as I dry him. I taste, rich fruity wine as it explodes on my taste buds. My reward for cleaning up.

Jan 24th 
The grass in the garden is sparse. Black mud has replaced the green lawn. The dog's paws squelch as he wades through  it. Even he must yearn for dry summer days and new fresh soft green grass beneath him.

JAN 25th
I raise a glass to oor ain Rabbie, poet extraordinaire. He wrote of bonnie lassies, of roses and a mouse. He even went to church one Sunday and wrote about a louse.

Jan 26th
The sky is white and heavy with snow. It mesmerises me as it falls like fluffy balls of candy-floss that disappear when they touch the ground. No snow men will be built today.

A crescent moon shines in the night sky, it is so close I can see his smiley face.One solitary star, his companion until morning dawns.

Jan 28th 
Today I take notice of the photographs that surround me, each one evokes a memory of a loved one. They make me smile as I remember. Some have the power to bring tears but only because I want to relive the moment captured on film once more.

Jan 29th 
A child's giggle.His pleasure in the simple things.A cardboard box, a wooden spoon, my shoes.

Jan 30th
A freezing, frosty morning and I can see the hills in the distance have a covering of snow but the sun is shinning offering hope that spring is around the corner.

Jan 31st 
For my final stone I choose the stillness of the early morning, the muted colours of the sky, the quietness that surrounds me and the anticipation of a brand new day.


  1. Lovely to have you with us. Thanks for the thanks. Keep writing!

  2. Your stones are beautiful, Anne. I'm so impressed that you managed one every day.

  3. Nicely done. And a memory of Rabbie, to boot; thank you.

  4. They are all beautiful, I was there with you each day through your descriptions. You have evoked lots of thoughts with your beautiful stones.

  5. Fiona,Thanks for stopping by and for the river.

    Rebecca, For you to say that is a compliment indeed.

    J Cosmo Newbery, Thank you for the lovely comments,hope you will stop by againn.

    Pauline, Thanks,what a lovely thing to say and it means a lot coming from such a good writer as yourself.

  6. These small stones certainly paint pictures of our lives for other people to see. I have a clear picture of your dog, the muddy cloth and the garden. It gives me a pain in my throat for our wonderful dog who died suddenly just over a year ago (These last few years haven't been the best for us!) He was always racing in on about two inches of mud.

    I particularly love your final small stone. I do hope you continue them in your journal.

  7. I love the small stones - I've followed you and a few others. They are such small, simple observations of the world - they remind of haiku.

  8. Very impressive. I like your Jan 28th small stone very much, and can identify with looking at old photographs and wanting to live the moment again.

    Well done.

  9. I love your reward for cleaning up. :)

    I've really enjoyed reading your small stones. I love the way the simple things in life can inspire us. Keep writing!

  10. Melissa, thanks for reading hope you'll stop by again.

    Maria ,thanks for your lovely comments and for reading.

    Shirley,If you had seen the mess you would have had a glass too. As always thanks for your words, they spur me on.


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