Thursday, 8 December 2011

A Dandelion Mind or a Gossamer Brain : Which do you have?

 Dandelion Mind  is the name given to Bill Bailey's concert tour which I saw with my husband last week. For those who haven't heard of him, Bill is a comedian who also sings and plays instruments. I had only really seen him on TV quiz shows so I didn't know what to expect but suffice to say we had a really entertaining night. He played various musical instruments including the Sitar and horns and he was funny without being smutty.

He was singing a parody of whimsical songs and one line of the song was, "I've got a dandelion mind and a gossamer brain." I started thinking of my mind like that and all my thoughts as the seeds going off in different directions as I think of a hundred different ideas at the same time.  I can watch TV and read or work on the computer and  hold a conversation at the same time. When food shopping I am thinking of breakfasts, lunch and dinners for each day and what veg would go with what meat, or do I have to buy a birthday card and will I buy another book today. I think it's the same for all women with families and this is why food shopping is so draining and we always need to eat chocolate before going home and unpacking it all.

A man goes food shopping, buys all the things he likes and comes home without the ingredients for a square meal and no toilet paper. They really can't help it, they're not programmed the same as woman and do not have a dandelion mind, and can only concentrate on one thing at a time.
Since I have started this blog my dandelion mind has had more seeds scattering than ever before. I'm thinking of what I can write while doing the laundry, cooking or any other boring household chores. I even wake up in the middle of the night with an idea. Life is more interesting going off at tangents instead of thinking and doing one thing at a time.

 Gossamer is a word used to describe a fine delicate piece of material, a spider's web glistening in the morning dew, strands of angel's hair so fine it slips through your fingers. No one would want to use it to describe their brain, but I'm here to tell you that gossamer brain does exist.
It occurs at two completely different times in a woman's life. The first is often called " baby brain" and anyone who's ever been pregnant no matter how long ago knows exactly what I speak off. During pregnancy the mind just refuses to retain information, five minutes after someone says something it has fallen through the fragile strands of the gossamer brain and is lost forever. Car keys and house keys can never be located  as the brain refuses to remember their location. Thankfully this usually only lasts until a few months after the baby is born, and then the dandelion mind takes over and is able to multi- task again.

Our  gossamer brain arrives back with a bang during and after the menopause. This is when we start putting the salt in the fridge and the butter in the oven. We go upstairs for something and when we get to the top the reason for climbing up all those stairs with our dodgy hips has slipped through the delicate and unreliable gossamer brain. Why does this happen? Have we overused our brains? Have they just had enough and given up? Or maybe just putting their feet up and resting awhile.
We are told in various newspaper reports that tests show if we do puzzles like suduko we are less like to develop alzheimers or dementia which is probably good advice but I've tried and I can't for the life of me play sudoku. I play scrabble and other games online so surely that must count as I am using my brain, but then again maybe it's the wrong part.
Now I have become a grandmother my priority  is to stay fit in mind and body, to be there for my granddaughter and any more grandchildren I may have in the future. I'll keep playing scrabble and writing my blog hoping that it keeps my brain active and wards off any decay. I'm proud to have a dandelion mind as that proves it's a working one, but you can keep the gossamer brain and the suduko  because, as my mother-in-law Mary was well known for saying, "I'm not interested!"

Which do you have? A dandelion mind or a gossamer brain? What do you do to keep your brain active?                                             


  1. This is cool. I do brain exercises when I play word factory or bookworm. When I'm "over think", I must say, I look at green plants to relieve my eyes and it goes to my brain too...When I do insulation sales, it will also help.

  2. Thanks Michelle,I don't need any insulation I'm lovely and cosy and warm but thanks for caring and sharing.

  3. I have a dandelion brain. Maybe it's because I'm a creative. That's my excuse anyway.

    I work from home, and often troop upstairs to find a pile of wet washing abandoned on its way to the airing cupboard. This is usually because a little rhyme has whizzed through my head and has demanded to be scribbled down somewhere.

    I loved this post. A post after my own heart.

    Thank you

  4. Hi Jan, welcome to my blog and thanks for taking the time to read and comment. I love your poems and cried at the one which was obviously for an estranged mother-in-law, so poignant.

  5. I'm with you Jan, creative is my reason for a
    dandelion brain, and I'm sticking to it. Although my hubby might not
    I love this to.

  6. Great post. I have a dandelion mind, it's always going of in all sorts of directions!

    I apply the Poirot theory for finding lost items, I let the 'little grey cells' trace my steps back, that always works...

  7. Hi Diane, Yes, that's my excuse as well.

    Pam,A dandelion mind makes life interesting. I have to trace my steps back all the time.
    Thank you both for stopping by.

  8. I loved this post. I am a type A so I'm always multitasking. Add to that I have about 8 Scrabble games and just as many words with my friends games going on since I purchased an Iphone in October. My mind craves activity. Hopefully this will help as I get older. Donna

  9. I have a dandelion mind and I'm proud of it (most of the time). :)


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