Friday, 11 November 2011

Friends For keeps?

                         Thinking of my old friend from my past and the friendship that
                         We thought would last, through leaving school,
                         Leaving home,
                         and making new lives of our own.

                         Letters to each other we would send
                         so that our friendship would never end
                         but somewhere there along the line
                         you went your way,
                         and I went mine.

                        The years went by and we lost touch
                        What became of the friendship
                        That meant so much?

                        I remember when, back in school
                       We'd have a laugh and play the fool.
                       We always had too much to say
                       And couldn't wait for another day.

                      We'd say goodbye and then once home
                      Talk for hours on the phone
                      Of boyfriends old, and boyfriends new
                      And if we didn't have one what would we do?

                     We shared every secret under the sun
                     Some we still would tell no one.
                     So why did we drift so far apart?
                     Are we still best friends in our hearts?

                     Finally, we've met again
                     Older and wiser than were then
                     We gossipped and laughed of times gone by
                     Oh but it's true that time does fly.

                     As we hug each other as we leave
                     There's one thing we both believe
                     The roots of best friends go down deep
                     And we will always be, "Friends for keeps."

                                                                                  ANNE X



  1. Lovely poem and true for many of us I believe!

    Such a great feeling when you meet someone again after a long time and the closeness is still there. It's not always about shared experiences but who we are.

  2. Thanks for reading Sharon and for your comments.Your're right it is a great feeling it's as if the years apart never happened.

  3. Lovely. I do hope it was for real and that you really did meet up with an old friend. Friendships are very special, aren't they.

    I must apologise for not yet blogging in response to your meme. I'm having a bit of trouble answering some of the questions. If you're not careful they can lead you into the realms of 'heavy'.

  4. Ha Ha! Rosalind yes it's all true The poem is about the friend I went to Blackpool with and met my husband in an earlier story.I wrote the poem when she made a big effort to attend my 40th birthday which was quite a while ago! Thanks for your comments. You have a great sense of humour so I'm sure your answers will be great and I'll wish I had thought of them.

  5. ahhh! I finally found you Sorry I lost you, don't ask how that happened. When I clicked on your name on my blog it took me to twitter, so I clicked follow, I am now following you.
    I so love this poem and its true friends will always be friends no matter how long or far away we are. I am so pleased it happened for you.
    Sorry I haven't done the meme yet, my internet went down, and like Rosalind I am having to think long and hard about a couple of questions. Will have it up soon though, I promise.

  6. Hi Diane, sorry you lost me,I wondered why you hadn't posted on your blog,I have been looking.I didn't conect you with the Diane on twitter untilI read your comment here. I followed you back but it's pending your say so. Thanks for your support in reading my blog.


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