Sunday, 16 October 2011

What's The Story?

Two and a half months ago I started writing this blog. I didn't have a clue how to go about it and no one to help me so I followed instructions on the blog site. I still have problems adding gadgets to the blog and they still disappear from time to time. I don't understand why this happens but it drives me mad and shouting at it doesn't seem to work because I've tried.

The one thing I never thought about was a title for my blog. I'm glad I didn't have to as I know I would have had at least a few sleepless nights trying to be clever with a funny or unusual title.

As I started my first post which was about wondering if anyone would read it, I put the post's title down as, "Is Anyone There?" and when I went to "view blog" the title  was at the top of the page as the title of my blog. I don't know how it happened but it did and I now had a title for my blog so I needed a new one for my post which I decided to call,"Virgin Blogger."

As the weeks went by and I  read more and more blogs I was becoming very impressed with the titles of the blogs I was reading. It made me wonder  what the stories were behind the titles, what made  people choose the one they did?
It would take too much time to list all the blog names that make me smile and  want to read them, so I'm going to list a few and if they take your fancy just click on the links. After you've read my blog of course!

One of the first blogs I read was Ramblings of A Rusty Writer  Rebecca is a wonderful author who writes books for young people but what made her think of her blog title. I'm sure she doesn't ramble and she's not rusty apart from her hair colour maybe. What's the story behind the title?

Then we have, A Mermaid In The Attic I just had to read this one, written by an Australian artist, I can't find her name on the blog but her paintings are mystical and beautiful and well worth a look. She also writes poetry.

Rosalind  Adams is Writing In The Rain I love this title it makes me feel like the author is in a cosy kitchen writing on her computer while the rain is running down the windows, I can even hear it's pitter patter. Rosalind is an Author of children's books and has a great sense of humour but how did her blog title come about?

Sun Pours Down Like Honey Is a New York blog by a lady called Susan and has unusual photos of New York life.I was curious about this title and have since found out it is a line from a Leonard Cohen song. But quite clever, it made me have a look anyway.

Talli Roland's I Drink Coffee.I Write.Then I Have Wine. Then I have wine". This invites me to get a glass and join her, and I do just that when reading her blog. Talli is also an author of woman's fiction which are fun to read. I don't think I have to ask her where she got her title from, It says it all !

Yew Tree Nights by Jodi intrigued me, it is a romantic title and her blog is full of lovely nature and landscape photos and interesting writing.

Mum On The Brink Is a  title of a  parenting blog. What is the author on the brink of ? A new adventure? A new life? Great stories of Monika and her tri-lingual family.

One of the most innovative titles for a blog I have seen is also on parenting  and I can assure you a very funny one, Don't Put Lizards In Your Ears. by Norine D McDonald . I would have loved to have thought of a title like that. It sounds like a warning to her children.

My final blog title is, Lollipop's Cottage by Maeve Frasier who is a children's writer. She says in her blog that her grandchildren call her husband Pops and her Lolli and that is where her title comes from, she sounds like a lovely gran and if her humor spills out to her stories I'd love to read them.

If you are  reading this and your blog is listed above please tell me how you picked the name and if there is a story  behind it. If your blog is not listed here it's only because I couldn't list all the ones that make me smile but I would still love to hear how you came about your title.
A couple of  late additions that I just found out about today and just had to mention are, The Gypsy Nesters by David and Victoria who sold their house after the kids left and travel round the world, it's a lovely blog.
I promise this is the last one, Grandma's Briefs a very good play on words but just how did Lisa come up with that name? Maybe she'll drop by and tell us.

What about me? Will I change my title now I have had time to think about it? No I don't think I will. I am a bit superstitious and feel that when I started my blog the choice was taken out my hands from a title for my post to the top of the page for the blog so it will stay and I will continue to ask the question,
"Is Anyone There?"
                                  ANNE X


  1. I love the story of the way your blog title came about and I love your blog title. I know exactly what you mean by that feeling. Are we talking to ourselves or are people really reading this? I'm afraid that the story behind my title is not as cosy as your vision. I wish it was. I began writing my blog when my husband started his second course of chemotherapy. I was writing in the rain and hoped I might meet others who knew about his condition (he has amyloidosis) so I could compare notes re his ongoing treatment. That hasn't happened but what I have found are some amazing friends, so thank you for being one of them.

  2. Rosalind you are welcome, I have spoken with a lot of lovely people since starting my blog too.
    It's amazing how a sentence like the title of your blog can congure up completely different senarios. I'm sorry yours was not a happier one.

  3. Please don't change your blog title. I love it!

    As for how my blog title, Mum on the brink came about: "It all started out of frustration (as most things often do)- I got to a point that I needed to change things because I felt I was constantly treading water. I felt if I shared my intentions with the world I would have to live up to them and fulfil those promises made to myself. I wrote my first post on the 26th of March… and don’t think anyone read it till a month later. I got some wonderful encouragement to write from some lovely twitter friends and from reading other inspirational blogs.
    On the brink of what? My first association is with the Spanish film by Almodóvar “Women on the edge of a nervous breakdown”
    …but to me being on the brink really means being on the cusp of discovery, on the verge of something new. In every moment we make a decision on the now- some major ones, some tiny ones- and that creates our future path. Life is wonderful and we have to be able to believe in it that even on dark, dreary days when you feel an utter failure, there is joy and laughter ahead. Happiness is in the fleeting moments. It takes skill to recognise and appreciate these moments. It is these that take you from brink to brink and even out the rollercoaster ride of life. Blogging helps capture some of these moments, successes, turning dilemmas into informed actions."

  4. My blog is called Days of the Insane, and how that came about is a geeky tale of Buffy fandom that will embarrass me and bore everyone else; suffice to say it's a riff on those gloopy American daytime soaps. My life is less The Bold And The Beautiful and more like Daily Life In Bedlam.

  5. What a lovely explanation Monika.I like its positive view that life can only get better.I know your blog's not just on parenting but on life,adventure and how your families' life is evolving as it expands. Keep on writing. Thanks for stopping by.

  6. Very clever Cat/Kate I'm sure most of us could relate to a name like that to describe our days. If only we could use The Bold and the Beautiful to descibe them instead would be great.Thanks for telling the story, I'm going to have a look at yours now.

  7. I love your blog title. I've been wondering what I'd change mine to, but it's hooked up to so many other things now that I think I'll have to keep Pamreader (or start another one).

    The name began when I was wondering what to call myself on twitter. I thought that as I read a lot, and would be tweeting about things that I'd read or seen, that Pam Reader as in @Pamreader would suit me. I then used it as the title of my blog. It was much later that a friend pointed out to me that it had an alternative interpretation - Pam read(h)er.
    Thanks for this wonderful post, I'm going to check out everyone that you have mentioned!

  8. Thank you Pam. I think your friend's interpretation of your name is really good. Your blog title says what your blog is all about.The more blogs I read the more I start to think I could have been more creative myself.
    Someone followed me on twitter today and her blog is called "Granny's Briefs" another one I wish I had thought of.

  9. Sorry a correction, that should have said ,"Grandma's Briefs"

  10. Sorry I am late in getting around to visit. So, here I am a happy reader of your blog! :) Thank you for the shout-out for my blog! It looks like you have been quite busy. You are right to not want to change the name of your blog. It is a great title. It would also be another great title for a book. I think you are on a roll for your stories. You are far more talented and interesting than you think. Since you already know how I came up with the name for my blog, I won't drag that out again. But, from one writer to another I wish you many pages filled with stories to please and intrigue us. As one grandmother to another, I wish you so many happy blessings! Hugs, Maeve

  11. Maeve,You have put a great big fat smile on my face this morning.I have never been called any of those things before, I should have you on speed dial!!Thank you so much xx

  12. This is a beautiful blog and I love the title, DON'T change it. I wandered over to you after finding you on Maeve's blog and I agree with everything she said. You are very talented, gosh I needed help setting my blog up. An online friend had to set up a dummy blog just so she could run along side me telling me what to do. So goooo you girl. Look forward to reading the rest of your posts and commenting.
    Oh before I forget, my blog title isn't that creative other than I am hoping to be a published writer some day and I am a hopeless dreamer. My post name... patientdreamer, are of the two words most people think of once they know me. Patient to a fault.. so they say.
    Happy blogging.

  13. Hello Anne. Bless you for mentioning me again. I named my blog because in 2009 I was a very rusty writer, having not written anything seriously before. I wanted to turn my random angst poetry and many started-but-never-finished novels into something more serious. I didn't feel like I could call myself a writer, which is why my blog is called Ramblings of a Rusty Writer. I did think, at the time, at least if I ever get something published it has a duel meaning because of my red hair. But I laughed at myself as I thought that. I didn't think it would ever happen...

  14. Aw, I love the title of your blog. And Rosalind's is great too - so emotive.

    Thank you for the shout out! And yes, I think mine is pretty self-explanatory. :)


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