Friday, 5 August 2011

A Room With A View!

For one week last September I woke up to this view every morning. We were in Icmeler in Turkey, we had spent our first week in a lovely hotel in Dalyan but the view from our balcony was of villas and derelict ground.

Fantasia Hotel Icmeler
This hotel in Icmeler was a lovely surprise we paid about half of some other guests at the hotel, although we didn't tell them that. At first the receptionist couldn't find our booking and I began to think we really didn't have one, that this hotel was too nice for us, but no we were shown to our room and as I stared in amazement at the view in came a waiter with two enormous welcome cocktails! I though I had died and gone to heaven, a view and booze what more could a girl wish for, oh and gorgeous hubby by my side, can't forget him.
Our brain needs to be stimulated, to feast on beautiful things, whether its a beautiful sea view, a new born baby or a must have pair of shoes, beautiful sights make us feel good and leave us wanting more.
If we all had a lovely view from our windows at home what a difference it would make to our mood, most of us have to make do with neighbours houses and trying to see what their decor looks like.
That sea view made our holiday, it was ever changing, we watched the boats bobbing alone the coastline, the youngsters on jet skis and the colours of the sky and sea changing constantly through day and into night.
Turkey is one of my favourite places I just have to smell food cooking on a barbecue and I am transported there. We are returning in September again, to a different hotel, I don't think we will be so lucky to have such a wonderful view but if we do you'll be the first to know.
Turtle Beach at sunset - beautiful !


  1. Hello Mum, I must say it's taken a qualification in Higher computing and two glasses of wine to become a follower of your blog. Complicated or what!

    Anyway, I could crack jokes about all that baby gush however I just wanted to say that i'm very proud of you. xx

  2. Ah thanks honey, that means a lot to me.
    It's hard to join to keep out the riff raff but alas sometimes it fails!
    We see what you think about "gush" when I start blogging about you!!!

  3. I just love Turkey too! Have been there on holiday a couple of times and I sailed all the way along the coast from Istanbul to the East, Syrian border (...and beyond). It is such a lovely, friendly and diverse country.
    Hope you have a lovely trip this September too. I look forward to the pictures and the account.

  4. Thanks Mumonthebrink for reading this. I would love to go for a holiday on a Gulet boat in Turkey. We usually do quite a few day boat trips when we're there it's beautiful.

  5. What gorgeous photos. That looks like a lovely place to visit.

  6. Couldn't resist posting here too... sorry.
    Hubby and I have traveled to turkey to and to many places actually. If you ever follow my blog you will find out.. where.
    Lovely pics and I so loved your daughters comments... sweet! Hope you enjoyed your trip.


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