Sunday, 31 July 2011

The Waiting Game.

In about three weeks time a stranger will be introduced to my family. Friends tell me that when we meet I will fall completely and utterly in love, my heart will flip and I'll be lost in awe and wonder.
They all know for certain that this will happen because they have all found themselves in the same position and I, like them will be welcoming my first grandchild into our family.
My heart is flipping at the moment as I think of the first time we will meet, I will cry, I know this, my husband knows this and my son and daughter-in -law know this.
I cried when they told me on Christmas Day that they were pregnant and although only eight months has passed since then it has been a long eight months.

I have bought as many babygrows as one can without knowing the babys'sex. I've bought toys,nappies,blankets and friends have given me equipment I might need when baby visits.
The one thing that no one can see at the moment is the love I already have for this new life, the plans I have made and the fun we will have.
A grandchild is the continuation of the family,the hope for the future, the family name carrying on through another generation.
So we are all ready and waiting. I remember the last few weeks of pregnancy being the hardest and slowest, but mum-to-be has finished work and hopefully putting her feet up and relaxing the rest is up to baby and when he/she wants to make a big entrance while we all twiddle our thumbs and wait.
We want to be perfect grandparents but I'm probably aiming a bit high, as long as we are the best that we can be, and don't upset the baby's parents then we'll be fine.


  1. What a gorgeous post, you've made me feel really emotional as I can tell you are SO excited about becoming a grandparent, that is so sweet. I am sure it will be a wonderful time for you all. I hope the birth goes as smoothly as possible.

  2. You've made my day Rebecca! Thanks again for your comments,and yes I'm very excited.

  3. Sounds like A very proud grandparent if you ask me!! Enjoy every moment of it i am sure it will all go well and come naturally xx

  4. Thanks for reading it Rea and for your comments.


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