Saturday, 30 July 2011

Virgin Blogger

As I put fingers to keyboard to begin my first ever blog the one question going through my mind is,"Will anyone read this? Is anyone there?" I know the answer of course that there are thousands of people reading blogs everyday because, I am one of them, but why would anyone want to read mine?

I always enjoyed writing at school,we called it interpretation reading a story and answering questions about it. I don't have much imagination for writing fiction but I know I will enjoy writing about life in general.
I read some blogs in which the writer leads a very hectic and exciting life and I'm afraid that's not me!

I am just a normal person, getting through lifes' ups and downs as best I can like other ordinary people.
I would love people to read my blog, I'll be terrified if people read my blog, but I've taken my first tentative baby step to becoming a blogger. So, if anyone is there, thanks for listening.


  1. I've read it. Writing your first post is terrifying, isn't it, but I hope you enjoy blogging. x

  2. Thanks so much Rebecca. A published author reading my first blog gives me loads more confidence to keep going.I feel as if it has officially been opened.


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